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View sub-entities

Last updated: April 29, 2022

Once you have been onboarded to our solution for Platforms, you are able to view your sub-entities' details and capabilities through the Dashboard, as well as check the status of their onboarding.


Use the documentation for Platforms to support your learning.

Before you begin

  • Make sure your user has permission to view sub-entities by being assigned one of the roles: owner, administrator, support manager, disputes manager and read only.
  • Make sure your user has access to a legal entity that has been configured to onboard sub-entities.

View sub-entities

To view a list of all sub-entities in your account, select Sub-entities on the left-hand navigation. In the Sub-entities screen, you will see:

  • Sub-entity trading name
  • Status of the sub-entity
  • Last modified date and time

If you need additional information about the status of a sub-entity, hover over its status for a brief explanation. The information displayed here reflects the actions made with the Accounts API during your integration with

For a reminder about when payment capabilities change, see our onboarding pages.

There are different sub-entity views depending on how much you want to drill down into your client-entities.

  1. Select the top-level account from the business entity selector on the top-left of the screen.
  2. The sub-entity table will display all sub-entities under your account. If you have access to multiple entities who can onboard sub-entities, you will see all the sub-entities here.

Sub-entity search and filter

At both the top-level and legal entity view, you are able to search and filter through your sub-entities using the search bar.

Upon entering the search bar, you are presented with options in a very similar way to the existing payments filter and search functionality.

Sub-entity detail view

By selecting a sub-entity, you will see a detailed view with more information, such as details of the sub-entity's representative, the parent entity, and so on.