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Platforms Beta

Last updated: April 29, 2022

Our Platforms solution is for ISVs, marketplaces and PayFacs.

The solution provides a simple and seamless way for you to process payments for your vendors, retailers and service providers. Once your retailers are verified, you can start processing payments on their behalf. If using our full solution, send payouts directly to your retailers.

Onboard sub-entities

Onboard and verify vendors, retailers and service providers (we call them sub-entities) from your platform.

Accept a payment

Process payments on behalf of your sub-entities, and charge any Platform fees.

Send payouts

Find out more about how to pay funds out to your sub-entities.

Where to next?

Understand your account structure

For a more guided look into our Platforms solution.

Quick start

For those ready to jump in and begin their integration.

Find out more

Platforms API reference

Our API reference lists all the endpoints and methods provided in the solution.

Upload a file

We'll explain how to upload a file to the Files API.