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Our Unified Payments API gives you immediate access to all the local payment methods, digital wallets, and global card schemes you need to create smarter regional strategies and happier customers.

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Reduce cart abandonment with your customer’s preferred way to pay, such as BNPL, vouchers, and more.

Expand into new regions

Grow into new markets faster using a single integration to switch on local payment methods globally.

Improve payment acceptance

Increase issuer approvals at a country level with local payment processing and deep expertise.

Pinpoint new opportunities

Build superior strategies with granular country, payments, and reconciliation data at your fingertips.

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Popular payment methods from around the world

Explore our international card schemes, digital wallets, and alternative payment methods you will need for each market. Search for available payment methods by payment type, region, and country so you can switch on the right payment methods your customers know and love.


A popular global card scheme with 2.3 billion debit and credit cards issued worldwide.

Digital Wallet, Card
Apple Pay

A well-known global digital wallet that offers your customers a highly secure, seamless payment experience.

Digital Wallet

Asia's leading digital wallet, that can help you reach your target audience and drive revenue in China and Hong Kong


A global card scheme with over two billion cards in circulation; it accounts for 40% of online transactions.

Digital Wallet

A global digital wallet that makes online payments quick and seamless and is trusted worldwide.

Direct Debit

An American direct debit payment option with over 130 million bank accounts connected, helping you expand in the US.

American Express

A global credit card scheme that can help you reach high-value shoppers and widen your customer base.


A Belgian card scheme with 15 million cards in circulation and is the payment method of choice across Belgium.

Cartes Bancaires

A French card scheme with over 71.1 million cards in circulation, allowing you to expand in France.

Digital Wallet
Chèque-Vacances Connect

A French digital wallet for all holiday and leisure expenses across the European Union.

Digital Wallet

An Indonesian digital wallet used by over 30 million active users for everyday online and offline transactions in one app.

Diners Club

A global card scheme that is part of Discover; helping you connect with traveling professionals.


A growing global payment network with over 270 million cardholders worldwide, and is popular within the US market.

Bank Transfer

An Austrian bank transfer payment option that offers secure and real-time transactions to 3 million Austrian consumers.

Cash, Card, Digital Wallet

An Egyptian payment scheme that allows consumers to pay for online purchases in cash at more than 166,500 locations.

Digital Wallet

A Filipino digital wallet by Alipay that allows its users to make everyday payments safe and easy.

Bank Transfer

A German bank transfer payment option offering secure and real-time transactions to users with great local coverage.

Digital Wallet
Google Pay

A global digital wallet that offers a seamless experience to over 150 million users across 42 global markets.

Bank Transfer

A Dutch bank transfer payment option that is popular in the Netherlands and can help you drive better conversions.

Gift card, Voucher

The French market leader for multi-brand gift cards, vouchers, and shopping cards.

Digital Wallet
Kakao Pay

A South Korean digital wallet that gives you access to 20 million active users making cashless everyday payments.


A Kuwaiti card scheme that is a must-have for taking payments and boosting sales in Kuwait's growing ecommerce market.


A Saudi Arabian domestic payment network that can help you drive growth within the Middle East.

ATM Payment, Cash, Voucher

A Portuguese ATM payment option that lets your online customers pay in cash at over 13,000 ATMs across Portugal.

Debit Cards

An Omani debit card payment gateway that can help you drive online payments in Oman and the Middle East.

Bank Transfer

A Polish bank transfer payment option that offers real-time transactions for millions of customers across Poland.

Direct Debit

A European-wide direct debit system that facilitates quick and affordable euro bank transfers for millions of customers.

Bank Transfer

A European bank transfer payment option that is trusted by 85 million users, offering a safe and easy payment option.

Digital Wallet
Touch 'n Go

A Malaysian digital wallet used by millions and is the driving force for Malaysia's growing cashless society.

Digital Wallet

Thailand's leading digital wallet with over 15 million active users making online and offline payments every day.

Bank Transfer

A European bank transfer payment option that utilizes open banking and has a consumer reach of 525 million users.

Digital Wallet
WeChat Pay

A Chinese digital wallet connected to a super-app, helping you reach your audience and drive revenue across Asia.

Invoice, Installment

A popular buy now, pay later payment option across Europe and the US, offering risk-free flexible financing.

“Checkout.com is integrated into all the region's most popular local payment methods. Through one API, we’re able to make the payment methods live across our entire portfolio.”

Red Bamba

Senior Manager, Alshaya Group


Switch on the right payment methods

A wave of Alternative Payment Methods (APMs) are gaining popularity with customers around the world, as 60% of ecommerce consumers say they would abandon their cart if they cannot pay with their preferred payment method.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers below to key questions asked about payment methods. Want to know more? Get in touch with one of our payment experts.

What is a digital payment method?

A digital payment method is also known as an electronic payment. It is the transfer of value from one payment account to another using a digital device. Mobile phone and online bank transfers, mobile wallet payments, in-app payments, online payments (via a computer or a mobile phone), QR code payments, and every other electronic payment qualify as a digital payment.

To learn more about how digital payment methods can benefit your business, get in touch with one of our payment experts today.

What is an alternative payment method?

Alternative payment methods — APMs for short — refers to any form of payment that isn’t cash or a major international credit card brand.

Domestic cards, cash-based vouchers, digital wallets — such as Apple Pay and Google Pay — or bank transfers, including iDEAL in the Netherlands, POLi in Australia and New Zealand, and Przelewy24 in Poland are all considered alternative payment methods.

View our blog "What are alternative payment methods?" to learn more.

What are the benefits of accepting local payment methods?

Accepting local payment methods allows you to scale your business globally while staying highly localized. By giving your customer their preferred method of payment, you can increase transaction rates and reduce cart abandonment.

How can I add new payment methods with Checkout.com?

Contact our payment experts today and explore which payment methods are best suited for your business.

Already a customer? Check out our documentation page and integrate with a payment method now. Alternatively, contact your Customer Success Manager and explore payment method options.

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