Real-Time Account Updater

Boost revenue with real-time card updates

Whether your customers’ cards are lost, stolen, or expired, you can prevent missed payments with real-time card updates and keep your customers’ payments flowing.

Secure recurring revenue

Reduce accidental subscription cancellations and lost sales with automated updates.

Simplify payments, optimize costs

Reduce the cost and outreach efforts needed to retain subscribers with up-to-date saved cards.

Seamless customer experience

Improve customer experience with fewer card re-entries and verifications, plus one-click payments.

New data, new possibilities

Create impactful campaigns and more opportunities for growth with credit and debit card data.

Data that matters

Here are some of the ways Real-Time Account Updater optimizes payment efficiency and customer retention.

*Visa Account Updater**
Mastercard Automatic Billing Updater.


Of all card details change yearly, and 35% of customers forget to update their details*


Acceptance rate uplift due to card-on-file updates*


Decrease in lost customers with automatic account updater**

Drive growth with real-time updates

Real-Time Account Updater seamlessly sources and delivers card updates – such as expiration dates, PAN, and account status – from issuing banks. These updates occur before or during an online transaction, ensuring uninterrupted payments and services.

Real-time account updates illustration

Seamless integration

Get started quickly with our user-friendly payments API and built-in solution. With no integration work needed, enjoy the benefits of up-to-date card information in little to no time.

Flexible options

Whether you've saved your cards in our secure vault or your own, with our flexible solution you'll still get all the benefits of real-time updates.

Instant alerts

Enable webhooks to receive real-time alerts. Know what card changes were made, when they occurred, and why.

Unlock growth with up-to-date card data

Discover how real-time card updates can maximize revenue and enhance the checkout experience.

Save revenue with instant updates

Retain recurring revenue with updated cards, fuel business growth via enhanced payment success, and boost your ROI by paying for successful updates only.

  • Conquer false-declines with up-to-date cards
  • Curb abandoned carts and paused subscriptions
  • Optimize the cost of resources lost to failed transactions
Saving revenue with instant updates illustration

Friction-free payments

Continue to focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences for your returning customers, even at the checkout.

  • Quick payments with saved credentials
  • Uninterrupted subscriptions
  • More ways to pay with streamlined options
Friction-free payments illustration

New data, new possibilities

Unlock new possibilities with updated card data. Leverage credit and debit card data to create innovative customer segments and excel in impactful card-based campaigns.

  • Regionalized data (issuer location)
  • Behavioral and lifestyle data (type of card)
New data, new possibilities illustration
Nord Security

“At NordVPN, we recognize the importance of a smooth online payment experience for our users. Enabling Real-Time Account Updater ensures that transactions remain successful, and subscriptions are uninterrupted when our customers' payment card details change.”

Kestas Sauli

Kestas Sauli

Head of Payments, Nord Security

Continue optimizing your recurring revenue. Enable real-time card updates today.

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Further enhance your acceptance rate

Continue to boost payment performance with Intelligent Acceptance. Whether you apply it to specific products or use it as a performance layer across all your products, it can increase conversion and unlock untapped revenue.

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Frequently asked questions

What does PAN stand for?
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PAN stands for “Primary Account Number.” It is a unique identifier associated with a payment card, such as a credit or debit card. The PAN is essential for processing card transactions and ensuring secure payments.

How does Real-Time Account Updater work at
Dropdown Arrow’s Real-Time Account Updater service is a feature that automatically updates the payment information associated with a customer’s card in real-time. This is done by obtaining information from issuers via Visa and Mastercard, and it ensures that the most current information is utilized for processing transactions. Real-Time Account Updater continually monitors cardholder accounts for changes in card details, such as expiration dates or card number updates, and updates them accordingly. This makes payments more seamless and efficient for both customers and merchants.

What schemes does support with the Real-Time Account Updater?
Dropdown Arrow supports multiple payment card schemes with its Real-Time Account Updater service. The specific schemes may vary depending on your location and business requirements. Commonly supported schemes include Visa and Mastercard. Contact our payment experts or refer to our documentation for the most current list of supported schemes.

How does Real-Time Account Updater differ from batch account updaters?
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Real-Time Account Updater and batch account updaters serve the same purpose of keeping payment card information up-to-date. However, they differ in their approach and timing:

Real-Time Account Updater: This service updates card information as soon as any changes are detected, or during payment processing, ensuring that all transactions are processed with the latest information available. It provides a more seamless and hassle-free payment experience for both customers and merchants.

Batch Account Updaters: Batch updates typically occur on a scheduled basis, such as daily or weekly. Card information is updated in bulk, which means there may be a delay between the cardholder’s update and its reflection in your payment system. Batch updates are less immediate compared to real-time updates. The choice between these two methods depends on your business needs and preferences.

How do automatic account updates help with card declines?
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Automated account updates, help reduce card declines by ensuring that the payment information used for transactions is always current. Here’s how it helps:Reduced declines:
Outdated card information is a common cause of payment decline. Automatic updates via Real-Time Account Updater ensure that the latest card details are used, reducing the likelihood of declines due to expired cards or other issues. Enhanced customer experience: Customers experience fewer declines and payment interruptions, leading to a smoother checkout process and improved customer satisfaction.

Increased revenue: Fewer declined transactions mean you capture more revenue and sales opportunities, as customers are less likely to abandon their purchases due to declined payments.

Reduced manual effort: Merchants don’t need to manually update card information or contact customers for updates, saving time and resources.

Overall, Real-Time Account Updater helps optimize payment processing and increase the chances of successful transactions.

How do I add Real-Time Account Updater to my payment stack?
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Real-Time Account Updater is a built-in solution thus available via your integration. No additional technical effort is required.

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