Payment Solutions with Integrated Platforms

From marketplaces to payment facilitators, unlock everything you need to deliver seamless, multiparty payments and faster platform growth.

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Accelerate platform growth

Get new users transacting faster with pre-built onboarding forms and automated identity verification to maximize conversion.  

Move funds efficiently

Reduce low-value, routine tasks through automation to split payments, add commissions, and transfer funds however you want.

Build loyal communities

Attract and retain high-value users with instant payouts and custom payout schedules for faster, reliable cash flow.

Customize with ease

Tailor your solution with easy integrations that adapt to your needs, from payment methods to payout speeds.

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Our products

For Marketplaces and Payment Facilitators

Our payments products are built to unite, fortify and grow your business more efficiently in the digital economy. From fintechs to gig marketplaces.


Propel your marketplace into the next wave of growth with the best suite of payments features to help build a loyal community around your brand.

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Payments Facilitators

Drive relentless growth and performance for your customers using an evolving payments stack that helps you facilitate new experiences.

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Turn your users into platform growth drivers

Streamline and shorten onboarding times by automating identity verification, including real-time KYC and KYB. Our onboarding paths are made to help new users get started and grow on our platform faster.

  • API or pre-built form options
  • Contextual fields based on location, users
  • Real-time field validation, error messages
  • Automated identity verification
  • Instant status updates
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Payments processing

Unlock more value from every payment

Powerful performance with a single API integration. Choose the payment capabilities you need to launch faster, improve checkout conversion, uplift acceptance rates, and much more.

Get started quickly

Accept payments through pre-built interfaces for any device and channel, or use your own UI for total control.

Delight customers

Create custom experiences with checkout optimizers including popular payment methods and localized forms.

Maximize revenue

Increase acceptance using tokenization, 3DS authentication and fraud tools - all through local processing.

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Global scale, local expertise

Whether SCA or PDS2, stay ahead of changing global and local payment regulations with built-in compliance features.

Funding flows

Manage your money across one platform

From fund allocations to fund transfers, automate away repetitive tasks using flexible workflows that fit your needs.

Split paymentsCommissionsBalance transfers

Split payments

Reduce manual reconciliation work by automatically splitting funds - at authorization or capture - into multiple accounts.


Earn on every payment with more control over commission types, including fixed, variable and compound fees per user.

Control your commissions

Whether debits, credits or refunds, move money the way you need to by instantly shifting balances between accounts in your platform.


Fast and flexible payouts

Instant payouts

Help users maximize their cash flow with real-time, 24/7 payouts directly to their local bank accounts.

Reliable sender

Improve your payout deliverability using location based data capture and instant bank account verification.

Flexible schedules

Offer on-demand or custom payout schedules to give users access to their earnings on their terms.


Optimize operational performance in one dashboard

Bring your teams together with the reporting, analytics, and management tools that they need to see trends in your data and convert insights into impact.

For your Finance teams

Act quickly on performance data using a single shared view of all transactions, account balances, and reconciliation reports.

For your Support teams

Manage users in context with account information alongside onboarding status, platform capabilities and bank details.

For your Operational teams

Run operations efficiently with built-in tools to handle disputes, transfer funds, and send payouts in one place.

"’s solution for marketplaces means we now have a broad range of payment methods available to support local requirements. Getting customers on to the platform quickly is important for us, but feeling empowered to more easily track and reconcile different payments using this platform is where we’ve seen the biggest impact.”

Nuno Fernandes

General Manager and Head of Growth – Zomato

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