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We’re curating a culture where we amplify and strengthen our colleagues’ voices, embedding our values and purpose; a culture where diversity, community impact, transparency and collaboration are expected and celebrated. We believe in fair opportunities and we work as one team— wherever we come from and however we identify.

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Our communities

Our colleague-created communities contribute to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging at Checkout.com. They celebrate, educate and provide support to our colleagues and enhance our culture. And they provide feedback on where we’re doing well and where there’s room for improvement. Ultimately, they create connections. Allowing us to share more of what matters, together.

Learn about our communities below.


Celebrates traditions and culture across the continent of Asia, and supports Asian colleagues’ career growth.


Honors Black history, heritage and culture, amplifying Black colleagues’ voices and nurturing talent.

In conversation with BYPWhy representation matters


Enables parents to share experiences and advice, and supports working families in obtaining flexibility.


Creates awareness of LGBTQ+ topics by educating colleagues, encouraging allyship and creating a safe space.

Proud and Loud at workFind out how we build community among our LGBTQIA+ colleagues


Increases awareness of gender diversity and inclusion, and enhances women’s leadership skills.

Empowering women in our industry across MENACommunity member meetups across APAC


Creates an authentic space for Latine colleagues, celebrating cultural diversity and supporting Latine colleagues’ careers.

Latine Community beginnings


Increases accessibility awareness, meaningfully improving inclusion for colleagues with apparent and non-apparent disabilities.

Watch our webinar with our disability recruitment partners, EvenbreakRead our DEI Manager’s blog about how we’re improving disability inclusion

Gender pay gap report

We’re taking action to increase gender equity, learn about what we’re doing to accelerate progress.

Our partners

Talk is easy. But when it comes to building an equitable and inclusive fintech ecosystem, taking action is all that matters. This is why we partner with multiple organizations to move the needle and help us expand our outreach.

BYP Network

We’re partnered with the Black Young Professionals Network since 2020 to empower Black professionals, co-creating webinars and content, and connecting them with our job opportunities.


Through our partnership with Evenbreak, we’ve co-delivered internal training, co-produced recruitment webinars for disabled candidates and audited our offices and processes.


Since 2019, we’ve partnered with SheCanCode as a platform sponsor, collaborating on career guidance blogs and webinars for their network.


Our global partner that seeks to connect LGBTQIA+ professionals and graduates with employers. We’ve proudly partnered on panels, events, webinars and interviews.

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