Next-level gaming payments

Today’s online gaming industry serves a broad range of customers, across devices, interests and locations. To handle this, gaming companies need a gaming payment gateway that can process payments quickly and safely for different markets.

Manage payments in one platform

With gaming businesses processing payments across countries, currencies and customers, you need something to help simplify and unify everything. Gaming payment processing all in one place; process payments easily and more effectively for you and your customers. Allowing you to focus on growing your business and developing new products, with real-time reporting and insights and analytics to monitor performance as you go.

Customize your payment processing set up to meet your business needs, using modular software solutions and our different integration types

Give customers an easy to use and enjoyable experience with our Unified API. It helps them pay quickly, seamlessly and securely

Make your payment transactions perform for you, increasing business revenue with more our reliable acceptance rates

Our payments platform

Go global with ease

Easily accept global payments for gaming services with our best-in-class international coverage. We help you keep all customers happy, by offering diverse payment methods, domestic processing and local currency payments. With gaming global acquiring in over 150 countries, you can perform no matter what market you're in.

Let customers pay however they want

We offer a variety of global and local payment methods. From major credit and debit cards to digital wallets and local payment methods including domestic cards, every method is covered.

Payment methods

Local currencies for global consumers

Let customers pay in their own currency. This keeps it easy for them and you. It also helps your customers avoid any additional costs. And your gaming business can avoid surcharges and international processing fees.

International coverage

Reliable processing wherever you are

We offer domestic processing in nearly 50 countries to guarantee your business a reliable payment flow no matter where you go. This can also result in improved approval rates, higher acceptance rates and limit you or your customers paying foreign transaction fees.

Payment processing

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Adapt, innovate and thrive with more value from every transaction flowing through your business.

Fraud prevention and payments protection

Your business needs online gaming payment processing that is secure and protected at all times. With the amount of data at risk, having robust security measures in place is crucial for your company and your customers. Plus we make sure you automatically stay compliant with any changes to payments rules and regulations.

Reliable compliance and authentication

Future-proof your gaming business with our automatic compliance solution. 3D Secure 2.0 keeps you up to date with all new payments rules and regulations and changes as they happen. And its easy-to-use authentication across all gaming payment processing keeps customers confident and coming back.

Real-time risk management

You can refine your fraud protection to better suit your business by creating blacklists using a range of attributes. Then use instantly available insights to compare and intercept any suspicious transactions. All of this data and reporting is available in real-time and through one analytics platform.

Smarter reporting and security

Spend time on better serving customers and growing your gaming business while our machine learning security models work for you. They train on millions of global transactions to identify potential risks. Our gaming payment processing solutions use these to assign risk scores to all transactions and automatically block any red flag behavior.

"’s data-rich, modular payment technology is perfect for an agile, global business like Wise."

Aleksandr Povarov

Product Manager at Wise


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