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Reliable payments allow to get more gamers to pay to play

Reliable payments allow to get more gamers to pay to play

Mar 23, 2021

Video gaming is booming. With over 2.5 billion active video gamers worldwide, the industry is worth in excess of $150 billion. And – a digital retailer that provides gamers with codes to play their favorite games – is fully capitalizing on this growth, with its sales increasing by as much as 100% year-on-year.

Such rapid growth isn't without its challenges. The team has needed to quickly ensure all the infrastructure supporting its business is prepared to meet increasing demand. But, by leveraging's gaming payments processing platform, an area they haven't needed to worry about is the reliability and performance of their payments.

Dependable payments that perform first began using to process its payments in 2016. The team needed a reliable payments platform that could easily scale in step with its aggressive growth ambitions.

The team met with's local payment experts in Dubai. They were soon convinced was the partner they were looking for after learning about the flexibility of the solution, its potential to scale, the competitive pricing offered and the dedicated support.

Their decision was validated right away. was onboarded in a matter of days and seamlessly integrated into through its unified API. And the team at soon began working on projects to help optimize its payment performance, including building a bespoke settlement solution to improve cash flow management.

Five years later, the partnership is going from strength to strength. The solution has seamlessly scaled with as its business has grown. That means it doesn't matter whether is processing 5,000 transactions a day or tens of thousands; provides with the reliable payment solution it needs to capture as many sales as possible.

And, with 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success manager, the team also has peace of mind that will fix any issues that arise right away.

Delivering the next-generation checkout experience

Given the reliability of the platform, conversations between and focus on one topic: how to use payments to unlock growth.

These discussions have resulted in supporting on several initiatives to unlock more value from its payments. One example is the work has done to enable new payment methods for Payment methods unlocked so far include Apple Pay, Google Pay globally and Cartes Bancaires in France — with more to come, especially in the Middle East, which is quickly becoming the new hotbed of video gaming.

Unlocking these payment methods means can meet evolving consumer payment preferences in its core markets. This is especially important as operates in a highly competitive and price-sensitive industry. Providing customers with a first-class experience is what uniquely differentiates them from the competition. is continually evolving and improving upon the customer experience to maintain its position as a market leader. It's using the flexibility of the platform to test different checkout configurations and payment methods to find the best flow to convert browsers into buyers and maximize revenue.

Protecting the bottom line from fraud

Like all companies selling digital goods, fraud is a big concern for Unchecked, it can have a detrimental impact on the bottom line. helps mitigate the risk by feeding granular payment data directly into its in-house risk engine. Providing with this data enriches its risk engine and gives its algorithms the best chance of detecting fraud and minimizes the number of falsely declined transactions.

To provide another layer of security, gives the ability to perform additional checks on any transactions flagged as suspicious before capturing the payment.

Unlocking the next level of growth

With video gaming revenues expected to top $200 billion by 2023, has its sights firmly set on further growth, with its attention focusing on growing revenues in markets like North America and the Middle East. And has established itself as an essential partner on that journey.

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