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How to search and filter your payments

Last updated: December 8, 2022

This page explains:

  • how you can search for payments
  • what kind of filters you can apply to narrow down your search

Used together, the date picker and filter builder can help you to sort through your transaction list quickly.

Search bar

Our search bar is a free-text input, and will return results based on partial matches unless you define a prefix.

Supported searches

  • Email, when you search using the full email address
  • Characters that aren't numbers or letters – for example, # and ?, although you should wrap these in quotes if they're in a reference
  • Multiple search queries, separated by commas
  • Exact matches, by entering the prefix of the item you're searching for – for example, reference: #10999
  • References and Acquirer Reference Numbers (ARNs) – enter a prefix to return a single action or payment, otherwise the query will return anything that contains the search input
  • By Fingerprint, Status, Payment Method, and so on


Search queries entered without a prefix will be overridden by a date range or filters.

Filter builder

You can create filters to refine the payments displayed. Filters are fully customizable, so you can add or remove filter rows as needed.

In filters with freeform text entry, such as Billing Descriptor, you can enter multiple values. In filters with dropdown containers, such as Currency, you can select multiple values.

Date range picker

Use the date range picker to filter the payments displayed to those within your chosen timeframe. To choose a date range, select the start date and end date you want.