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Download a Proof of Refund

Last updated: April 29, 2022

Generate a Proof of Refund PDF directly from the Payment details page, so you can send this to your customers as proof that a refund has been initiated.

Users with the Manage payment documents permission will be able to see Refund PDF at the top of the Payment details page on payments that have been refunded or partially refunded.

Once selected, you will receive a PDF download that contains the information your customer requires to trace the refund.

The Proof of Refund PDF contains two sections:

  • Refund information, which includes the data and amount of the original charge.
  • Account holder information, which includes the billing information when present on the payment.

Multiple partial refunds

Where a payment has multiple partial refunds, selecting Refund PDFs at the top of the screen will generate a zip folder that contains individual PDFs for each partial refund present on the payment.

You are also able to generate a PDF for a specific partial refund by selecting Refund PDF directly on the partial refund event on the payment timeline.

Example of Proof of Refund PDF

Example proof of refund