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Payments in the Dashboard

Last updated: April 29, 2022

The Payments screen shows you the full payment activity for your business, with your most recent payments displayed first. By default, each line corresponds to one payment. You can also see lists of payment actions by using the action: filter.

The following information is displayed for each payment:

  • The amount (of the payment request) and the currency.
  • The method, and the card number, if it applies.
  • The date on which the request was made.
  • The status:
    • If your payment is partially captured or partially refunded, the amount of the partial action is displayed in a tooltip when hovering over the information icon next to the status.
    • If the last action (capture, void or refund) on your payment failed, a DECLINED message will appear next to the action. You can see the response code and its meaning by hovering over the tooltip.


Learn how to quickly filter and search your payments.

View payment details

To view more information about a payment and the actions that have been taken against it, select a row. This will open a panel in which you can see a full list of actions related to that payment, with the most recent first, as well as customer, action and payment details.

Here, you can also capture, void or refund a payment.

Capture, void or refund a payment

Once a payment has been authorized, you can decide whether to capture, void or refund it.

  1. In the Payments screen, select a payment to view its details.
  2. Choose the action you want to take, and, if you want to perform a partial capture or refund, enter an amount.
  3. Select Confirm.
  4. Refresh the Payments screen to update the payment's status.