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View your payment fees

Last updated: April 29, 2022

When you process a payment with us, there are certain fees you will be charged along the payment lifecycle. You can see the breakdown of these charges in your Dashboard by navigating to the Payment details page.

From your Dashboard home page:

  1. Select Payments in the left-hand menu.
  2. Select the payment you would like to see the fee breakdown for. This takes you to the Payments details page.
  3. Scroll to the Payment fees section.

Payment fee breakdown

In the Payment fees section, you will see Scheme and other network fees and Checkout fees. Checkout fees are a total sum of fees incurred along the payment lifecycle. When you expand this, you'll see a breakdown of the types of fees grouped by categories.


We display your fees per category at payment level in the currency of your bank account. If you are seeking to reconcile your fees by financial actions, rather than payments, we advise you to refer to the settlement CSV report.

As the fees are aggregated at the payment level, they can change over time as your payment passes through the different stages of the payment lifecycle. For example, if your payment is refunded then any associated fees will be reflected in the Payment fees section.

Fee categories

The categories we display are the same as you'll see on the Invoice breakdown fields in your settlement reports and invoices.

CategoryBreakdown typeFee description

Interchange fees

Interchange fixed fee

A fee set by the card scheme (for example, Visa) and paid out to the cardholder's issuing bank.

Scheme and other network fees

Scheme fixed fees

Fees applied by the card scheme (for example, Visa) for the processing of card payments.

Scheme variable fees

Acquiring premiums

Premium fixed fee

Total premium fees charged across card payments and refunds during the reporting period.

Premium variable fees

Gateway fees

Authentication fixed fee

Gateway fees are fixed fees incurred on actions (i.e. authentication, authorization, void, refund) across the payment lifecycle.

More specifically:

  • Authentication fees are charged for determining whether a payment is being carried out by the legitimate cardholder. This includes authentication via the Sessions service.
  • Authorization fee is applied for authorized card payments.

Authentication variable fee

Authorization fixed fee

Void fixed fee

Gateway fixed fee

Card verification fixed fee

Blended fees

Blended fixed fee

A fixed, variable, or fixed and variable flat fee applied to successful captures.

Blended variable fee

Chargeback fees

Chargeback fees

A fee incurred for payments that are triggered on certain chargeback events.

Scheme fixed fees

Fees applied by card schemes (for example, Visa or Mastercard) for processing a chargeback.

Scheme variable fees

Representment fees

Representment fees

A fee incurred during the disputes process. Representment occurs when an issuer will review the evidence provided by you.

Retrieval fees

Retrieval fees

A fee incurred before the disputes process. Retrieval occurs when the cardholder's issuer requests information from you before raising a dispute.