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Onboard sub-entities with the Dashboard


Last updated: April 29, 2022

Use our Dashboard's friendly UI to onboard your sub-entities. On this page, we will walk through:

There are currently 2 different account types available on the Platforms solution. Depending on your account type, you will see different required and optional fields. Your account type is determined during onboarding and depends on whether you require payment capabilities (lite), or payment and payout capabilities (full). For more information, see our account structure page.

Onboard a sub-entity

  1. When you sign in to the Dashboard, navigate to Sub-entities and then select + Onboard a sub-entity at the top of the page. This will bring you to a new screen.
  2. Select which type of sub-entity you are onboarding. Read more about sub-entity types on our onboarding page.
  3. Select Proceed with onboarding. This will take you to a new screen where you provide details about the sub-entity.
  4. Once you have completed the form, select Create. If the form had no errors, you'll be taken to the detail page of this sub-entity.

Next steps

The sub-entity does not have its payments and/or payouts capabilities yet. Creating a sub-entity starts the due diligence process. During due diligence, sub-entities will have a status of PENDING. We indicate what stage of the onboarding process your sub-entity is on through these statuses, which we will walk through in the next section.

Read more about the information required for each type of sub-entity on our onboarding information page.

Making the most of the form

  • Use the navigation panel to see where you are in the form.
  • Each field is required unless its label includes (optional).
  • Each field has additional text underneath to support your process. Some fields also provide additional information and links. You can dismiss these using the 'x'.
  • Fields that haven't been filled out correctly will display an error message below, and both the field and the message will be red. This includes if you exit a required field without entering any information.

Sub-entity statuses

To provide you with visibility to what's going on with your sub-entities, we show the status of your sub-entity in the Dashboard.

You can also subscribe to the status webhook notification to keep up to date with any asynchronous changes even when you aren't logged in.

If we're expecting you to provide us with more information, your sub-entity will have a status of REQUIREMENTS_DUE.

With this status, check you have provided all information that is stated as required for due diligence on our onboarding page. If there is information missing, you need to edit the sub-entity's information

Edit a sub-entity

You may need to update a sub-entity because some of their details have changed, or to fulfill specific due diligence requirements.

To edit a sub-entity:

  1. Navigate to Sub-entities and select the sub-entity to edit.
  2. Select Edit. You will be taken to a new screen.
  3. Edit the required details and select Update.

When you update a sub-entity, we may conduct further due-diligence checks when necessary. During these checks, your sub-entity's payment capabilities will remain unchanged.

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