Xooa democratizes Web3 experiences with Checkout.com

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James Hayward
June 1, 2022
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Xooa democratizes Web3 experiences with Checkout.com

Founded in 2017, Xooa empowers brands to build digital experiences that power digital communities, NFT marketplaces, metaverses, and other Web3 apps through a streamlined and easy-to-use interface.

Xooa's flagship product, the White-Label NFT Marketplace, deploys a ready-to-use, end-to-end marketplace in just 45 seconds.

Katie Wile Director of Sales at Checkout.com, spoke with Jonathan Garini , CEO at Xooa, to learn more about the company and how it's allowing brands to take advantage of the Web3 ecosystem. They also discuss why Xooa has chosen Checkout.com as its payments partner to allow individuals to use fiat to easily purchase NFTs on the marketplace Xooa is building for the Associated Press.

The goal of a reconciliation process is transparency that allows a business to understand the true cost of the payments they’re processing. Global payments solutions like Checkout.com provide this level of visibility to companies through detailed breakdowns of fees in reconciliation reports and connect all that data back into NetSuite in one simple process. Remember that the complexity of this process will increase with each additional currency being processed, so it’s especially important for a global business to find a payment gateway that makes this reconciliation process simple.

Katie: Jonathan, how did you come up with the idea for Xooa, and what is your company doing differently?

Jonathan: Our mission statement is to make Web3 accessible and allow brands to use this technology to increase brand affinity and monetize. We enable brands to connect with the community and increase brand affinity while making money instead of spending it. And that's a new paradigm.

The focus is on the branded experience, the white-label experience. We simplify things by solving the complex blockchain Web3 problems and also empowering Web2 users to create a smooth and easy user experience for our brand customers.

If you look at the space, most offerings are standardized general-purpose marketplaces, where a brand may have a storefront or have a presence, but they're pretty much the same as everyone else. We offer a customized, branded experience that fits the particular brand where the NFTs could have extra utility, too. It could be used in the metaverse, or it could create immersive experiences.

Katie: What were you looking for in your payments partner? What led you to select Checkout.com?

Jonathan: We'd secured a deal to build an NFT marketplace for the Associated Press and required a payments partner to support Web2 users and card payments. We approached multiple payment processors, but Checkout.com offered a personalized approach. You were super responsive, engaged, and took the process extremely seriously.

What was also impressive was that you pulled in resources from within your organization. I got the feeling that senior people who made the decisions were involved. We were able to deal with real people who listened to us. That was a big deal. We didn't just receive automated emails or templates. That's what I liked a lot.

All things being equal, we will recommend Checkout.com to future customers because of the personalized service it offers.

Katie: You integrated with Checkout in just a couple of days. Was part of your thinking that you needed a provider that could move fast?

Jonathan: Yes, we launched with crypto payments, and we wanted to add fiat payments as soon as possible because it was a promise we made early on to our customers. So, speed was essential to us, and with Checkout.com, we were able to keep that promise.

After we completed testing, I think we launched in two days. It was a super fast implementation. And onboarding was fast and straightforward with no barriers to entry.

Working with Checkout is a great overall experience. I got the sense that you know the ins and outs of the crypto and Web3 space. And as we move forward, we're potentially looking at partnering with Checkout on a marketplace solution.

Katie: Are you seeing more traditional merchants moving toward Web3 offerings?

Jonathan: Our product is a Web3 marketplace, and our primary focus is on gaming companies, but we're also doing well in the sports vertical. We're in the NFT space or digital collectible space, and we allow brands to engage with the fans in new ways.

Our desire to work with Checkout is to be able to service the Web2 users—in addition to Web3 users—who do not have a crypto wallet and want to use a traditional ecommerce checkout process.

We've seen, for example, on our Associated Press execution, that partnering with Checkout.com enabled a lot of people collecting NFTs for the first time to use credit cards, not just crypto wallets.

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