A Step-by-Step Integration Guide

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Lauren Craig
October 18, 2022
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A Step-by-Step Integration Guide

Picture it: Your business is booming – you’re entering new markets, opening new offices, introducing new products, and revenue is on the rise. Smooth sailing from here, right? Well, not exactly. Whatever your business, you need to maintain momentum to stay on top. For your customers, this could mean launching new products and features. But as a large-scale business, it also means looking inward; identifying operational inefficiencies and cost-saving opportunities which include, yes, optimizing your payment strategy.

Checkout.com’s unified payments platform is suited for enterprise and high-growth businesses that will benefit from increased processing speed, adaptability, reliability and reporting capabilities designed to inform your next business decision. To get you started, we’re answering some frequently asked questions on how to integrate with Checkout.com.


I’m considering Checkout.com as my payment service provider. Where should I start?

Once you’ve discussed your payment goals with your Checkout.com sales representative and solutions consultant, it’s time to assess the technical stuff.

1. Pick your integration method. Explore our technical integration documents at docs.checkout.com where you’ll find several integration methods and other helpful APIs. We also support all major e-commerce solutions; see our full list of supported shopping carts and installation instructions. Mobile SDKs are available for Android and iOS.

Select your payment methods. Think about your alternative payments. All alternative payment methods are handled through one API, which makes it much easier for you to add new payment methods when you're ready.

Select other helpful APIs and capabilities. Other features you should consider using are our reporting APIs, webhooks for event notifications, and Fraud Detection Pro for fraud filtering. Additionally, consider adding 3DS and $0 auth flows.

2. Start testing. Sign up for access to our sandbox testing environment by going to Checkout.com and clicking "Get Test Account." We will then email you test keys for Sandbox Hub access so you can begin testing.

I’m about to start testing. Is there a certification queue or scripts I need to complete?

No, there is no certification queue or lengthy scripts to complete. Once you provide examples of the functionality you’d like to enable, contact our Integration team at [email protected] and you’ll be able to go live. You can find all our test card information here.

I’d like to start processing payments with Checkout.com What are my next steps?

  • Application and Onboarding. To begin processing payments with Checkout.com, you will need to complete an online application which will be reviewed by our in-house and dedicated Onboarding team.
  • Contract. Once approved, you’ll execute a contract and your production credentials will be provided.
  • Documentation. You may be asked to provide corporate structure documentation, legal entity details, bank account information and principal owners.
  • Pilot. We always recommend that our merchants perform a test transaction, or pilot in production, before processing real customer transactions. This gives you the opportunity to ensure that everything is set up correctly and will work as expected.
  • Go live. The day has come!  You will begin processing live transactions of your customers.

I’m up and running, but I still have more questions about my account. Who do I talk to?

You will continue to have access to our Customer Success team who will provide all necessary support. In addition, our team will offer ongoing consultation on payment optimization, growth strategies, fraud prevention, and share new Checkout.com features and payment methods as they become available. For additional questions, our Support team is always available at [email protected].

Ready to explore Checkout.com for your payment processing needs? Contact us today to discuss your options with our payment experts.

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