Brings Google Pay to Merchants

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Mathew Tuvesson
November 13, 2019
Link to the author's page Brings Google Pay to Merchants

Released earlier this year, Google Pay is the latest addition to our suite of digital wallet payment options; following our implementation of Apple Pay in the UAE last year. Consumers have become accustomed to a certain level of convenience and mobile is fast becoming the payment method of choice. In fact, Visa recently revealed that 77% of Europeans use their phone to bank and make every day payments.

If you have an Android phone or device, then you should be very familiar with Google Pay and how it operates. customers have already started integrating Google Pay into their business and we expect more merchants to add this payment method in the coming months.

We're proud to offer this feature as a vital component of your mobile payment processing ecosystem.

What does the Google Pay integration mean for you and your customers?

Trust and safety.
In addition to risk and fraud protection offered by, Google Pay adds another layer of security for your customers. Since Google Pay does not actually store the users’ credit card number, their information stays safe and secure. Build greater brand trust and loyalty by allowing your customers to shop with confidence.

Faster checkout, higher conversions.
Nothing is more frustrating to customers than slow payment processing. With Google Pay, your customers can make a purchase with a few easy clicks. A recent survey showed that over one-third of customers experience slow payment processing during checkout which can hurt overall conversion rates. With this added payment method, you can increase sales by giving your customers this swift, reliable payment option.

More options mean more customers.
We love diversity, especially in payments. By offering more payment options, you can attract more customers. Based on our consumer survey, over 75% of consumers like shopping with merchants who offer a wide range of payment options. As consumers get more tech savvy, paying with digital wallets will be the new norm – get ahead of the game by integrating Google Pay and don’t let these customers slip by.

This integration is part of’s mission to help businesses grow by offering more payment options to their customers. By giving merchants the ability to accept Google Pay, our customers are given the tools they need grow their customer base and ultimately, their bottom line.

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