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Pre-dispute resolution

Last updated: January 18, 2023

Introduction to pre-disputes

Pre-dispute tools give you more control of your dispute strategy and often enable the resolution of disputes before they count towards your dispute ratio for Visa disputes.

Through Verifi, a Visa company, we offer a solution called Rapid Dispute Resolution, also known as RDR. This solution resolves disputes in real time (accepting liability and refunding the customer) by following a set of custom rules that you pre-defined.

Pre-dispute use cases

Disputes resolved using RDR are not considered a chargeback by Visa. This is ideal for scenarios where:

  • You need to quickly reduce your dispute-to-sales ratio because you are on, or are close to being placed on, the Visa Dispute Monitoring Program.
  • You are losing a significant number of disputes and want to automatically resolve disputes that have a low probability of winning.
  • You don't have the resources to adequately represent disputes and lose a majority of them.


If you'd like to start using this solution, please contact your Customer Success Manager to assess your eligibility.

Benefits of pre-disputes

There are several key benefits to using the RDR solution:

  • Automation – RDR rules run automatically, reducing your need to process refunds or represent disputes
  • Flexibility – rules give you more control and enable you to take a targeted approach to your dispute strategy
  • Improved customer satisfaction – improved issue resolution time and transparency for your customers
  • Ease of integration – if you are already using our acquiring services, no further integration needed

Difference between RDR and regular disputes

RDR is part of our pre-dispute offering – it occurs before the regular chargeback process starts. Therefore, RDR enables you to resolve disputes before they count towards your dispute ratio for Visa disputes.


If a chargeback is not accepted as a pre-dispute by your set of rules, it will become a regular dispute and will count towards your dispute ratio.