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0 min read goes ‘down under’ with services now available to merchants interested in expanding their business to the Australian market. recently established local acceptance partnerships in the territory which will allow our customers to operate and accept payments in and from Australia.

Earlier this month, launched services in Australia further expanding our global payment footprint. Due to popular demand and anticipated market growth in that region, has established local acquiring partnerships in the region. To take their businesses to the next level in this territory, many merchants have elected to partner with in favor of establishing cumbersome third-party relationships, or “starting from scratch” with local acquirers.

“The Australian market is quite dynamic and a lot of merchants have expressed interest in expanding their operations to this territory. We've started by accompanying some of our existing merchant customers who are operating in those markets and needed a seamless solution and reliable partner to accept payments” says Jaime Vitoriano, VP of Acquiring and Partnerships.

New retailers
As global e-commerce sales climb to an estimated $4.5 trillion by 2021, Australia is taking a big piece of that pie and becoming an e-commerce powerhouse; currently competing as one of the top ten countries in online sales performing alongside global retail giants like the UK, US, and China.

Opening services in this region not only benefits our existing merchants, it also means we can now offer our services to new Australian merchants who want to grow their online presence. With local payment processing solutions now available, there are greater opportunities to expand their international customer base outside the Australian market.

This further reaffirms the notion that merchants are continually looking for streamlined ways to expand their business, especially internationally. Through single-integration payment services like, we give businesses greater global expansion and growth potential. This is at the heart of’s business – providing local and global solutions to an ever-changing market. By leading the way in technology, establishing strong international touchpoints and listening to our customers’ needs, we give online businesses a turnkey solution when it comes to going global.

Vitoriano adds, “Being such a fast-growing region, this is a strategic market for many retailers and we were inspired by the requests from our customers to expand into new territories.”

In short, we’re officially open for business in Australia!

Interested in expanding your business in this region? Get in touch with your relationship manager or contact our sales team for more information.

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