Our commitment to businesses during COVID-19

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Guillaume Pousaz
April 6, 2020
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Our commitment to businesses during COVID-19

We know that COVID-19 has resulted in profound disruption to many businesses. Since founding this company, Checkout.com’s top priority has been the success of our merchants. During these uncertain times, I want to highlight that our teams are fully prepared to support your business when you need it most.

I also want to extend this commitment to every business. More than ever, we need to work together to support a thriving digital economy. This is why our global teams are partnering with global businesses in any way we can to help them survive and then thrive. We believe transparency, fairness, innovation and a future-forward approach can help businesses in even the most challenging times.


Payments are a critical part of infrastructure for society -- it’s how people access the things they need, when they need it. Digital commerce matters. Businesses matter.

Our payment processing platform was built with reliability as its core, utilizing resilient physical and cloud infrastructure with complete remote management capability. Resilience and reliability are also core to how we have built our team -- working nimbly, successfully and efficiently, even when we can’t all be together. In events such as these, we are able to provide stability across all markets and maintain a high service level for the industries we support to enable businesses to continue to serve their goods and services.

Prepared for challenges, hopeful for the best  

We know that you count on your partners to deliver. With this in mind, we wanted to share the additional steps we have taken to ensure the continuity of service.

  • We have extensively tested our business continuity plan and are in constant contact with our key partners to deliver a consistent and smooth service to all merchants.
  • Over the past several years, we have catalogued and documented nearly 700 processes. All have been stress-tested and optimized to limit any single point of failure in our operations.
  • Each key operational function and product have explicit owners and escalation paths to curb any potential disruption.
  • Because dependability matters, we have an existing Operations Center team which operates around-the-clock to monitor the stability and reliability of our systems. These teams will continue normally -- with coverage for 24-hours a day, every day of the year -- irrespective of work from home policies.

We’re also continuing to look toward the future. It may not be business as usual right now, but we are still pushing to create innovative, technology-first solutions that can unlock value for your business -- today and in the future. We are committed to deliver the product enhancements and roadmap that we know are important to your business.  

We’re in this together

As we move into the next phase of the COVID-19 crisis, we want you to know that we are here to help. Whether you are one of our valued merchants or whether we don’t know you yet but you’re in need of a partner who can support you as you address the changing digital landscape, the success of your businesses matters to us.

For our Checkout.com merchants, should you have any questions regarding your service or the steps we are taking, please email us at [email protected] or reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

We believe in the power of payments. Innovation, transparency and partnership have been core to Checkout.com since our founding. These values will continue to guide us as we look to provide the best support possible for your business -- now and in the future.

We are grateful for your continued partnership.

Kind regards,

Guillaume Pousaz

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