Verifi by Visa Rapid Dispute Resolution Service terms

These terms and conditions apply if you receive the Verifi by Visa Rapid Dispute Resolution Service from Checkout Ltd (in its capacity as authorised reseller).

RDR means the Verifi by Visa Rapid Dispute Resolution Service.

Threatening Condition means your conduct including, without limitation, transmitting harmful, inaccurate, or incomplete data to that poses a threat or causes harm to’s, Verifi’s (or either party’s group companies’) clients, programs, systems, products, services, equipment, processes, reputation, security and/or intellectual property.

Verifi means Verifi, Inc.

1. You will not be permitted to use the RDR for six (6) months after the termination date of your merchant agreement with, unless otherwise agreed to in writing by Verifi.

2. The RDR consists of licensed products owned and controlled by Verifi. You acknowledge and agree that all data and information set out in or relating to the RDR, as well as any other relevant data relating to you, shall be shared with Verifi and/or its affiliates without any further approvals or permissions.

3. You acknowledge and agree that is required to provide to Verifi any data reasonably requested by Verifi for the purposes of any audit intended to verify our compliance with the obligations for use of the RDR.

4. You agree that, upon being made aware of a Threatening Condition, you will exercise your best efforts to cure said Threatening Condition. If, in our reasonable and good faith determination, the Threatening Condition poses an imminent or actual threat, you agree to suspend any and all activity on the affected merchant account(s) until such threat is cured; provided that we may deactivate the affected account(s) until such threat is cured if you do not suspend such activity. We may terminate its merchant agreement with you immediately if the Threatening Condition remains uncured for more than seven (7) calendar days after we are notified of such Threatening Condition.