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A dispute, or chargeback, occurs when a customer questions the validity of a transaction and contacts their bank (the issuer) to get a refund.

Customers may dispute payments for various reasons, including suspected fraud, being charged more than they expected, and not receiving the product or service.

When the issuer raises the dispute, the payment is reversed. The disputed amount, along with a separate dispute fee, will then be deducted from your account.

We'll notify you via a webhook (if you have set them up) when you receive a dispute, and it will also appear in the Dashboard. You can then choose to challenge it with relevant evidence, or accept it if you think the grounds for the dispute are legitimate.


Read the card schemes' general guidelines and our frequently asked questions about disputes and COVID-19. As always, we encourage you to work directly with your customers to resolve disputes promptly and issue refunds where necessary.

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