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View your settlements

Last updated: April 29, 2022

At the end of a settlement cycle, we display a list of payments made to your account in the Dashboard. To view your settlements from the landing page, select Settlements in the left-hand menu.

How settlements are calculated

We calculate the settlement amount by looking at the amounts processed during that period.

The Settlements page shows a list of these settlements, ordered from the most recent (at the top of the page) to the oldest. For each settlement, you will see:

  • Amount.
  • Status: This will be REJECTED, PENDING or COMPLETED.
  • Reference.
  • Billing descriptor: This is the reference to the specific settlement, and what you will see on your bank statement.
  • Payout ID: You can use this ID as an additional identifier; however, this is given by and applies to us only.
  • Settlement date: If the payment has not been settled yet, we indicate the expected date.


To search for a specific settlement, use the search bar. Enter either the billing descriptor or settlement ID into the bar, and hit return.

Settlement details page

Navigate to the Settlement details page by selecting a specific settlement from the main list. Here you’ll see more details about that payout, such as:

  • What stages the settlement has been through.
  • Bank account details or wallet address.
  • The balance day and time for that settlement.

Transactions breakdown

At the bottom of the Settlement details page, you’ll see Transactions breakdown. Here you can download a report of financial actions by payout ID, which gives a breakdown of transactions for that particular settlement.

We provide a lot of granular details in our report, so if the report is too big, we will break this down into several reports, so it’s more digestible.