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November 13, 2019
Link to the author's page Partners with Salesforce Commerce Cloud is now available in the Salesforce marketplace allowing Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants to process payments through our single-integrated platform. There is no cost to use this feature – simply download the integration plugin from the marketplace, configure it with your account keys, and you’re ready to go! With fast, seamless integration you can start processing payments in just a few minutes. In order to take advantage of this feature, you must be a current Salesforce Commerce Cloud store owner and also have a merchant account with

A Perfect Pair

Like Thelma and Louise or Kirk and Spock, consider Salesforce Commerce Cloud and a dynamic duo of e-commerce. We’re here to make your business more efficient and successful.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based software solution that allows companies and store owners to unify the customer experience across all channels including web, social and mobile and helps merchants manage the end-to-end customer experience – from shopping to fulfillment and customer service.

By joining forces with, Salesforce Commerce Cloud store owners can take care of all their payment processing needs easily and more cost-effectively using our single-integrated solution giving merchants a safe, efficient, and scalable way of accepting payments from their customers.

Essentially, Salesforce Commerce Cloud is designed to be your one-stop shop to managing your digital store, while seamlessly handles all your payment needs – a mighty combination that will empower you to give your customers the best shopping experience possible.

Time to thrive

Whether you’re a large retailer or just starting out with your e-commerce business, works with Salesforce Commerce Cloud merchants of varying sizes to handle every part of the payment process and provides complete cost transparency across the payment value chain. is equipped to give you full access to data, smart transaction tools, a robust yet easy-to-use dashboard, and fraud protection with our customizable risk engine. You’ve set big goals for your business and we’re here to help you scale as your brand grows.

Ready to go international?

  • supports 150+ currencies with offices and support services around the world. Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to launch new sites and explore new geographies with multisite management and localization capabilities.

Have a unique business need?

  •’s consultative approach means that we’ll work to find the right solution for you. 100% ownership of our technology also means having the agility, speed, and creativity to customize a solution that works for your specific business needs. Combine that with Salesforce’s intelligent AI which provides an end-to-end comprehensive commerce solution including inventory management, multi-device unification, and lifecycle management, you can design a configuration that suits your business.

Want to see higher revenue?

  • Of course you do!’s technology allows you to shave down valuable milliseconds per transaction giving your customers a faster checkout experience, leading to higher conversions. In fact, according to our latest consumer study over 50% of shoppers are turned off by a slow checkout process resulting in them never returning to your store, or exploring other options before coming back. Our survey also revealed that 67% of shoppers like the idea of brands making personalized offers and discounts based on their purchase history. Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows you to conquer personalization with automated merchandising, task automation and personalized shopping tailored to every click.

Get more out of your PSP

Our Interchange ++ pricing model means 100% transparency when it comes to costs. There are no minimums, no contracts required, and pricing is based on your transaction volume and history.'s unique statement APIs also means deeper reporting and visibility of all your transactions. Customer service is also at the heart of our business – your success is our success.

Start accepting major and alternative payment methods including all major debit and credit cards, local alternative payments and popular digital wallets.

Thinking about switching payment processors? We work quickly and efficiently to get you up and running by safely transferring all necessary data from your current payment processor to’s database. We understand the hurdles and hassle that can come with switching payment providers so we make sure that the process is as fast (and painless) as possible so you can start reaping the benefits of including faster processing, higher approval rates, international scalability, and best in class service – just to name a few reasons.

What do I need to get set up?

You’ll just need a few basic requirements to get started. First, be sure that your store is set up with Salesforce Commerce Cloud and that you have an existing merchant account. Then, download our plugin in the Salesforce marketplace and follow instructions to begin integration.

Don’t have a account yet?  Contact us today to get started!

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