Future-proof your mobile payments

Mobile experiences are at the forefront of today’s digital economy. A forward-thinking business needs mobile payment solutions that allow processing of payments quickly, easily and securely. Keep up with mobile consumer trends of today and tomorrow with unified software, global capabilities and robust security.

Mobile payments

Unlock the value in your mobile payments

With mobile payment processing taking place across countries, currencies and different customer needs, your mobile payment gateway should help simplify and unite everything you do.

Our payment platform

One platform for all your payments

Our platform lets you process your payments in one place. So you can do things faster and retain more revenue.

Manage everything your way

Customize how you run and manage your mobile payment process flow. Setting up your platform using our modular solutions and different integration types lets your business operate however is best for you.

Payment integrations

Unified payments API

Our mobile payment gateway features a purpose-built API for all payments needs. It gives you faster payment processing speeds, more data and a smoother customer experience. Simply set it up once to unlock all of its innovative features and payment methods forever. 

Payments API

Real-time reporting

Run your business more effectively on mobile with instant data. See how well your mobile payment processing is performing with end-to-end reporting in real-time. Use our granular analytics and expertise to achieve unrivaled payments performance.

Data and reporting

Serve global customers better

Get best-in-class international coverage with mobile payments solutions that use the same innovative tech across all markets. Offer popular payment methods, domestic processing and local currency payments throughout your mobile payment flow. No matter where you’re operating we have you covered, offering payment acceptance in over 150 countries. So you can keep your customers happy and grow.

Let customers pay their own way

Give your customers the freedom to pay however they want to. With a variety of payment methods from major credit and debit cards to domestic cards and more. Plus, with our integration of most major and local digital wallets, you can tap into cashless transactions too.

Do business across borders

Our domestic payments processing across 50 countries gives you the freedom to operate the way you want around the world. Offering a unified customer experience across borders means a boost to your approval rates and prevent cross-border payment problems.

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Adapt, innovate and thrive with more value from every transaction flowing through your business.

Security for your business and your customers

With your business offering online payments services and mobile app payment processing you need to ensure everything is secure at all times. Our innovative fraud prevention tools offer your business payments security and your customers’ protection. Our solution for mobile payments has built-in security that keeps you industry compliant and guarantees safe transactions for you and your customers. If any disputes are raised, resolve them and monitor progress in real-time with our easy-to-use tool.

Manage risk in your mobile checkout flow in your way with custom-built rules and blacklists set to your attributes.

Deal with any suspicious transactions or payments behavior with our machine-learning fraud prevention models.

Automatically stay up to date with any new payments regulations or changes in rules with our 3D Secure 2.0 compliance solution.

"If you have a payments partner like, you’re able to create a competitive advantage."

Hassan Mahbub

Head of Strategy at Careem



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