Identity Verification

Identify and verify users with precision

Fight fraud and accurately identify users with a fast verification experience built to convert. Make Identity Verification your competitive advantage today.

Identify and verify users with precision

Boost conversion with video

Leverage video flows to maximize conversion by up to 30% compared to photos. Use AI-powered prompts to guide and inform users in real time. Get fast results to confirm if any further actions are needed.

Fight fraud intelligently

Combine automated and human reviews to prevent all forms of physical and digital counterfeiting (including deep fakes), unlock operational efficiencies, and reduce costs by up to 50%.

Unlock global coverage

Reduce complexity with a single, 24/7/365 identity verification solution that authenticates a growing library of 3,000+ government-issued IDs and documents across 195 countries.

Comply with every regulation

Meet global and recognized standards by default including FATF, ETSI, and GDPR. Select the right KYC procedures based on specific AML-CFT regional requirements.


“Partnering with organizations such as enables us to deliver a secure, compliant, and AI-powered video identity verification solution. DocuSign is the only eIDAS-compliant Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) solution that supports, and together we bring industry expertise and an intense drive to create innovative solutions for the digital economy.”

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A fast, secure, and seamless user flow

Whether fighting fraud or staying compliant – video-based identity verification is highly intuitive and twice as fast as photo-based methods. A fully mobile-responsive approach means users can gain access anywhere and at any time.

Create your own journey

Configure user flows and branding elements like logos and colors. Go local with 10+ user-language flows. Personalize instructions to increase trust with your users. Our UX has been battle-tested across millions of verifications to guide and convert users.

Create your own journey illustration

Provide ID video streaming

Users simply record the front and back of their document. To combat counterfeiting, AI analyzes movement and tilting via video, plus checks holographic elements presented on authentic documents. Over 3,000 types of documents can be verified.

ID video streaming illustration

Securely match users

Liveness checks and face-match verification ensure the user matches the document. A combination of static and dynamic facial analysis prevents complex fraud like deep fakes, while the AI operator gives live feedback to ensure a seamless user journey. Our technology is continuously tested and evolving to fight emerging types of fraud.

securely match users

Get fast and clear results

Detailed status, consistency, and outcome information is delivered in seconds. High data-extraction quality minimizes mistakes and validates identifications faster. Our AI continuously learns from thousands of videos to optimize performance, including complex and emerging types of fraud attacks.

Identity Verification fast and clear results

Manage your activity

Get transparent and detailed information on identification data (including status, checks consistency, data extraction, and more) via your client dashboard. Configure and administer your internal team’s rights and generate login credentials in as little as two clicks.

Activity Management Graph Illustration

Simplify onboarding with AML screening and monitoring

We’re partnering with ComplyAdvantage – the financial industry’s leading source of AI-driven financial crime risk data. Assess and monitor risk from individual clients and company entities.

Screen and monitor against a live global database of Sanctions, PEPs, Watchlists, Adverse Media, and more.

Make compliance an advantage. Reduce false positives by up to 70% and onboarding cycle time by up to 50%.

Tailor your AML screening and ongoing monitoring process to the unique needs of your business and risk-based approach.

Simplify the onboarding process with a one-stop global solution combined with Know Your Customer (KYC).

Onboarding with AML screening and monitoring Illustration

Boost Your Business Success Today

“The Identity Verification experience performed better than our usual process for converting our prospects into customers. Their promise looked great on paper and lived up to that promise in practice!”

Ophélie Robin
Director of Digital Innovation, Credit Agricole Consumer Finance

Solutions for any industry

Benefit from solutions that have performed millions of verifications with human data annotation. Pair safety with competitiveness for regulated and non-regulated activities (KYC banking, credit applications, electronic signatures, mobility, hiring, car rentals, and more).

  • Pricing structures that match your business’s needs
  • Level of security and regulation
  • Volumes of identification starting from 2,000 per month
  • Time to answer for human reviews options (from 5 minutes to 24 hours)
Multiple Industries solution example
Global API illustration

Developer-friendly integration

Go live in hours with one global API. Take advantage of performance improvements at no extra cost, including user-flow evolution, FAR/FRR performance, velocity, and IA detection. Built-in GDPR for EU standards of privacy and security.

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