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StaffMe uses Identity Verification to securely connect freelancers with companies

StaffMe uses Identity Verification to securely connect freelancers with companies

Jul 7, 2023

StaffMe, a brand under the Belgian House of HR group, provides a range of services and solutions related to employment and workforce management. Through their innovative digital platform, StaffMe connects job seekers with potential employers, facilitating the recruitment process.

In just a few years, StaffMe has emerged as a leading platform for student jobs, offering thousands of flexible work opportunities for young people and providing qualified support for companies needing staff in record time.

In February 2023, StaffMe introduced a temporary work feature. Today, the company offers two options to its company clients and job seekers: temporary and freelance employment.

To enhance the ease, speed, and reliability of finding work opportunities, StaffMe adopted Identity Verification from in March 2021. By leveraging our solution, StaffMe provides reliability and robust regulatory compliance, fostering trust between customers and freelancers. Verifying your identity is rapid and straightforward, enabling users to connect and collaborate with complete confidence.

By 2024, StaffMe aims to create a unique user journey and standardize its Know your Customer (KYC) process across all contract types while increasing user volumes by 30-40%.

We spoke with Camille Six, General Manager at StaffMe, to learn more about the company’s goals and how Identity Verification is helping StaffMe achieve its mission.

What’s unique about what StaffMe brings to the job market? What major developments have you observed?

StaffMe is a future accelerator for young people, and thanks to its matching algorithm, it provides an extremely responsive solution for companies and on-demand jobs for students who can gain experience, create a network, and fund their plans while discovering a range of job sectors.

StaffMe is also the only responsible platform that lets young people work securely, thanks to the range of free insurance and social security options, training opportunities throughStaffMe academy, and a guaranteed minimum hourly wage regardless of the freelance service offered.

For companies, StaffMe guarantees access to a community of qualified workers whose KYCs have been 100% authenticated and comply with freelance and temporary work regulations.

What challenges do the different parties (companies, freelancers, temporary workers) face on the job market?

People’s relationship with work is evolving at the moment. This is due to young people looking for more flexibility, more autonomy, and more freedom in their day-to-day lives. More and more of them are now turning to freelancing, which gives them more flexibility than permanent or fixed-term contracts.

While many job sectors are suffering from staff shortages, many young people are finding it difficult to find work and to live in often unstable conditions.

How does StaffMe manage to respond to these challenges?

StaffMe aims to help companies and young people find each other as quickly and easily as possible while guaranteeing fair and equitable access to the world of work through our non-discriminatory algorithm that lets anyone access any job in line with their experience. We value skills over CVs.

What’s the specific role of remote identity verification for StaffMe and its industry? What’s the risk if it’s not done properly?

We are a trustworthy platform for our clients.

With Identity Verification from, we can verify on behalf of our clients that the candidates have a valid identity document and are who they say they are.

Our competitors who do not use identity verification may be at risk of fraud, which could impact their company’s clients, candidates, and reputation.

How did you choose Identity Verification from What benefits does it have for your clients?

We chose Identity Verification from for our KYC solution because of how reliable the tool is and the quality of the authentication it provides. StaffMe wanted to work with a reliable service provider who could effectively guarantee the validity of users’ identity information and could detect fraud attempts and expired or fake identity documents.

The fact that Identity Verification from uses live video to verify users’ faces and identity documents means that the process is simple, efficient, and very reliable for users. The user guidance provided by artificial intelligence means that the KYC process is smooth and easy for our candidates.

The benefit for us is very clear, avoiding fraud and the financial consequences and negative impact it would have on our company clients while offering them qualified support as quickly as possible.

Our conversion rates jumped to around 80% for successful transactions, and we have a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of over 65% for our candidates onboarding process. According to Bain & Company, the creators of NPS, a score above 50 is considered excellent.  

How was your collaboration with the team for integration and ongoing support?

The support we get is in line with our expectations: the teams are very reactive and transparent in their support every day.

Furthermore, they adapt to our requirements, and the teams respond quickly. They clearly understand the solution and how we use it, saving us time and making things much easier!

This article was adapted from ubble and StaffMe’s original case study regarding ubble’s Video Expert tool, now known as’s Identity Verification. For more information about’s acquisition of ubble, read here.

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