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Docusign boosts trust with's Identity Verification

Docusign boosts trust with's Identity Verification

Jun 20, 2024

Docusign, is the global leader in delivering secure and frictionless agreement processes worldwide. With a commitment to enhancing trust in online transactions, Docusign sought an innovative solution to improve the security and user experience of the digital identification process that is key to any business agreement. Docusign chose’s Identity Verification because it was the best solution for achieving the highest level of trust and regulatory compliance. By integrating Identity Verification into their processes, Docusign has streamlined the agreement process and user-flow, while enhancing trust levels  - all leading to business growth.

"At Docusign, we want to ensure that we can power any type of agreement anywhere around the world and deliver the highest level of trust with the lowest level of friction possible," says Maxime Hambersin, Senior Director of Product Management International, at Docusign. 

From HR onboarding processes to house purchases and from access to online banking to health services, today’s fast and seamless digital economy demands equally seamless and secure digital agreements. Docusign facilitates a process that is becoming increasingly vital for businesses and individuals in the digital economy and they were looking for a partner that could help them achieve this.


Previously, cumbersome forms of video identification processes dominated the market. Recipient identity verification process took hours, if not days, as they needed to wait for certified agents to become available in order to confirm their identity during a live video call. However, with the advent of AI-powered solutions, and in order to cater to the needs of its global customer base, Docusign sought a more efficient and reliable method for remote identification. "To perform a qualified electronic signature (QES) with the highest level of trust in agreements, we used to go through what we call a video identification process," explains Hambersin.  "That was super helpful when nothing else was available for remote identification, but it was not optimal.” 

The issue of racial and gender bias in facial recognition was also a significant problem in the digital verification space. Many AI solutions tended to stumble at this hurdle due to well-publicized issues with artificial intelligence and bias. This was a problem which lowered trust while increasing friction, frustration and also exclusion for users. “It's not acceptable to have a digital identity verification solution that excludes a certain percentage of the population. That is especially important when we think this is the direction the whole of the EU is going for doing business with the use of digital ID wallets” says Hambersin “So once there were more sophisticated AI-powered solutions available, we needed to evaluate which solution would be the best one to support us in our mission and to do so inclusively."


After considering the range of digital Identity verification offerings on the market, Docusign selected's Certified Identity Verification (PVID) solution as the lead choice for its customers seeking the attainment of QES, which offers the highest levels of trust and regulatory compliance across the UK and EU. By integrating's Identity Verification into their platform, Docusign significantly improved the efficiency and reliability of QES-mandated identification processes, fostering greater trust among users.

"We found that Identity Verification was the best solution for our needs—a partner for the highest level of trust and the utmost level of regulation,"  emphasizes Hambersin. "Now we are live, we are super happy with the product and partnership."’s Identity Verification combines leading-edge machine learning and asynchronous human reviews to prevent all forms of physical and digital counterfeiting (including deep fakes), unlock operational efficiencies, and reduce costs by up to 50%. Just as in real life, identity verification online is the action of verifying a piece of government-issued identification, ensuring it is genuine and has the right security features, that it is an original copy, not a forged one, and also assessing that the person on the screen is an actual person and corresponds to the picture. 

And, importantly, was chosen because their solution could support Docusign’s vision for fully inclusive verification in the digital economy. “Avoiding racial biases in our model was extremely important to us when we built this solution,” says’s Wyss, “our machine learning technology has always had human input and has been built on diverse real human data  - not scraped from the internet - and this has allowed us to radically improve inclusion.”


The implementation of's Identity Verification solution into Docusign’s portfolio of identity verification solutions, Docusign Identify, has yielded remarkable results for them. The transition from live video interactions to AI-driven identity verification has driven increased adoption of digital identity processes, particularly among previously hesitant users. “This shift has not only enhanced user experience but also opened up new business opportunities, empowering enterprises of all sizes to embrace online transactions with confidence,” says Hambersin. Through this partnership, Docusign has successfully elevated trust levels and streamlined agreement processes, paving the way for seamless digital transactions worldwide.

“[Because of] the move from video to AI, we see a lot of new people willing to use a digital identity that never wanted to do it before. And that includes smaller enterprises who are now comfortable considering it as a way to do business online. People just don't wait. UX and speed are key drivers of any conversion, the better your UX, the more business people will do online," Hambersin reflects.

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