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API authentication

Last updated: October 12, 2022


For server-to-server communication, we support 2 different authentication mechanisms:

These keys can be used to make API calls to your account. For example, to make a payment or process a refund.

As with any other password, we recommend limiting access to these keys and removing them from any publicly accessible repository or version control application.


Consider using a secure password management system to store your keys.


For client-side communication, we support public API keys.

Processing channels

A processing channel contains a set of configurations used when processing a payment. If you have complex processing requirements, we may have set up multiple processing channels for you during onboarding.

For example, if you accept payments across multiple merchant category codes, you might use a different processing channel for each one.

When requesting payments through our Unified Payments API, you have two options for routing payments through your processing channels:

  • A single key for all processing channels, which requires you to specify the processing channel in your payment request.
  • Multiple keys – one for each processing channel – so you don't need to specify the processing channel in your payment request.

If you're using e-commerce platforms, read our documentation about API keys.


If you need help setting up multiple processing channels and key configuration, please email