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Card payouts


With Card Payouts, you can disburse fiat money to eligible Visa and Mastercard cardholder accounts through's integration with Visa Direct and Mastercard MoneySend, respectively.


Card payouts are only available for businesses incorporated in the United Kingdom (UK), European Economic Area (EEA), or Singapore.

Fund Transfer Types

Card networks will assign you a Business Application Identifier (BAI) code specific to your line of business, fund transfer use cases, and the card network.

This code determines the Fund Transfer Types (FTTs) that you're eligible to perform:

  • Money transfer: a consumer-funded transaction, in which you send money to a cardholder on behalf of an individual sender
  • Direct funds disbursement: a business-funded transaction, in which you send money directly to an individual or corporate cardholder


While we can advise on the FTTs you're likely to be assigned, the card schemes do not notify of these until after the approval process has begun.

When you initiate a card payout request, you must supply an FTT value in the funds_transfer_type field.

To use test funds_transfer_type values in your sandbox environment, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or