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Store payment details

Securely store and manage customer details and payment information in our Vault. You can reuse these stored details for future payments, so your customers don't have to re-enter their payment information each time they make a purchase.

Customers and payment instruments

You can store two sorts of objects in the Vault: customers and payment instruments.


A customer object contains the details of a particular customer, like their name, email, and phone number. Each customer has a unique ID (for example, cus_y3oqhf46pyzuxjbcn2giaqnb44), to which you can associate multiple payment instruments. You can also set a default payment instrument for the customer, which will be charged if you use the customer ID as the source when making a payment request.

Payment instruments

A payment instrument allows you to store the details of a customer's payment card or bank account. Each payment instrument has a unique ID (for example, src_nwd3m4in3hkuddfpjsaevunhdy), which you can use as the source or destination for payments. An instrument can only be associated with one customer.

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