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Rebellion Pay delivers better banking with

Rebellion Pay delivers better banking with

May 25, 2021
  • Rebellion Pay picks as its payment provider on account of its modular infrastructure, flexible payments platform and seamless onboarding process.
  • Rebellion Pay sees its authorization rate increase by 15% since switching from its previous provider to
  • has enabled Rebellion pay to unlock new payment methods, which have led to a 40% increase in the number of customer account top-ups.

Digital banking disruptor, Rebellion Pay, has bold ambitions to revolutionize Spain's consumer banking landscape. With over 200,000 customers using its services — and many more signing up daily — it's putting the country's legacy banks on notice.

Rebellion Pay works with best-in-class technology partners to create the foundational infrastructure needed to provide its customers with an exceptional banking experience. is one of those critical partners, brought onboard after Rebellion Pay grew frustrated with solutions that lacked flexibility and scalability.

"We're an ambitious, fast-moving fintech. We ask a lot of our partners and expect them to be flexible and move quickly," explains Gin Gindre, Chief Operating Officer at Rebellion Pay. "Our previous payments providers struggled to match these expectations, which eventually led us to make the switch to"

Gindre explains they selected from a shortlist of providers because of the modular infrastructure, flexibility of the platform and the seamless onboarding process.

"Onboarding with was thorough yet straightforward and quick," he says. "They were clear in what they needed from us at every step of the process. And the technical documentation and support they provided to our development team were outstanding. This wasn't true for the other providers we spoke with."

Winning more customers with better payments performance

Rebellion Pay began to reap the benefits of working with a world-class payments partner soon after onboarding. "Our authorization rate has increased by 15% since switching to," says Gindre.

Recording an uplift in its authorization rate is vital, given its direct impact on customer experience. As Gindre explains, the challenger bank's entire offering is built around providing customers with a seamless digital experience they can't get with legacy banks.

"There's a real risk our customers will instantly lose trust in our service if they're unable to top up their account easily," he says. "So the fact allows us to accept more payments than ever before is incredibly important for the growth of our business."

Rebellion Pay is also enhancing its customer experience by using to offer new payment methods. "We saw a 40% increase in the overall number of top-ups made by our customers in the month after enabled Apple Pay and Google Pay," says Gindre. "This is a considerable uplift in such a short space of time." is helping Rebellion Pay maintain this level of performance despite challenges created by the roll-out of Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) rules in Spain. "There are some issues in Spain that blindsided us," says Gindre. "But the team at were responsive and provided us with solutions to the problems. It's this kind of support that we look for in our partners and we have full confidence that has the expertise required to resolve any payments issue we may face in the future."

Managing fraud with better tools and data

Beyond ensuring it can accept as many payments as possible, also gives Rebellion Pay the tools needed to prevent fraud. This includes offering instant insights into transactions flagged as fraudulent and the power to easily adjust its logic and settings to match its risk appetite.

"Fraud is ever-present, but the platform makes it incredibly easy to manage it proactively, as well as react swiftly when needed," says Gindre. "We can easily adjust our risk rules on the platform. And crucially, we get actionable, customized reports from that show the success or failure of these changes, allowing us to learn and improve further."

Laying the foundations for better banking

As Rebellion Pay continues on its mission to disrupt Spain's consumer banking landscape, will only become a more pivotal partner. As Gindre concludes: "The success of our business is largely dependent on how easy it is for our customers to top up their accounts. That's why is such an important part of the world-class infrastructure we're building to underpin our business."

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