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Local payments expertise power SHEIN’s global expansion

Local payments expertise power SHEIN’s global expansion

Jan 19, 2023

SHEIN is a retail trailblazer and standout success story in the digital economy. Founded in 2012, the company has grown from a small online store to the world's largest online-only fashion retailer, shipping to over 150 countries worldwide.

The company's remarkable success has come from doing things differently. SHEIN has ripped up the established ecommerce playbook and written its own, focusing on delivering an exceptional customer shopping experience. It has also pioneered concepts including social commerce and influencer marketing, and its efforts in these areas are still considered the 'gold standard' in the industry.

SHEIN remains focused on the future on top of its remarkable success. With innovation and excellence as its core values, the company focuses on delivering exceptional value and service to even more customers worldwide, including in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).  

Payments are a critical component of these plans. SHEIN has always valued the impact of payments on the customer experience and how tailoring payments to meet local requirements and expectations deepen customer satisfaction and loyalty, especially in a region as unique and fragmented as MENA.

"To meet our growth goals, we need payments partners with a deep knowledge of the markets we operate in and that have a proven track record of success," says Ted Wang, Head of Payments at SHEIN. " is one of the standout payments partners to work with in MENA."

Local knowledge delivers impressive payments performance across MENA has delivered consistent payment authorization improvements for SHEIN, mainly through the work of its issuer relationship team. The highly specialized group analyzes the granular payments data flowing through the platform, identifying patterns and anomalies that show areas for optimization.

Armed with these insights, the team then leverages its deep relationships with the issuing banks to propose measures that'll lead to more successful payments.

" has over a decade of experience operating in the MENA region and has formed deep relationships with key parties in the payments ecosystem," says Wang. "It also has nuanced insights into the region's payment trends, enabling it to benchmark best-in-class standards and support SHEIN to reach those."

Fahd Maqba, Head of Issuer Relationships,, adds: "When an issuing bank falsely declines a payment, everyone loses — the customer, the merchant, and the bank. That's why we proactively partner with issuing banks, using data-driven insights to pinpoint why payments are declined and together find a solution."

Tailoring payments for SHEIN across MENA and beyond is also enabling SHEIN's success in other areas. For example, SHEIN uses's Authentication solution to route payments through the 3D Secure protocols, maximizing acceptance and minimizing the risk of fraud. " has supported us in building an authentication strategy optimal for MENA. And its Authentication solution is incredibly flexible, allowing us to deploy and adjust that strategy easily," says Wang.

SHEIN is also leveraging's comprehensive offering of local payment methods. SHEIN currently processes many payment methods via’s platform, which it accesses seamlessly through its Unified API.

Though the partnership has focused on MENA, ‌it's now replicating the success with in Europe.

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