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The Chefz offers better online delivery user experience with enhanced payment efficiency

The Chefz offers better online delivery user experience with enhanced payment efficiency

May 1, 2024

The Chefz, a premier online food delivery service based in Saudi Arabia, promises to deliver your favorite meals right to your doorstep with just a few taps on your smartphone. The delivery service is always focused on giving their customers the best possible experience. This led them to seek out a payments solution that would elevate their payment processes.


The Chefz required a PSP that could handle high transaction volumes and support unique payment methods integral to their business model. The need for a reliable and innovative payment solutions provider was critical, not only to address current operational inefficiencies but also to support their long-term growth. They needed a provider that could offer streamlined operations through automated analytics and reporting tools, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and saving valuable time and resources.


The collaboration began with a seamless and efficient onboarding process followed by facilitating smooth transactions for The Chefz. then ensured reliability and security through the platform so customers can trust the security of their transactions fostering confidence and loyalty towards The Chefz's services.

The Chefz has then been able to leverage payment data to gain insights into customer behavior and preferences which has empowered The Chefz to make informed decisions that optimize operations and enhance customer experiences. By analyzing readily available payment data, The Chefz identified trends, preferences, and patterns, which the team then transformed into actionable insights. 

These insights guided them in optimizing operations by tailoring personalized offers and services. This approach not only improved customer satisfaction but also drove business growth by increasing customer engagement and loyalty. 


The surge in payment efficiency and the ability to leverage customer data significantly enhanced user experience and satisfaction, leading to increased revenue and customer loyalty. 

Some key improvements achieved with

  1. Leveraging's robust payment platform, The Chefz achieved an exceptional acceptance rate of 98.8% across all payments, and an impressive 99.4% for Apple Pay transactions. This not only surpassed the average Merchant Category Code-based Acceptance Rate (AR) of 94% for similar businesses but also ensured that transactions were processed reliably and seamlessly, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction.
  2. The average session time during transactions decreased significantly from 13 seconds to 9 seconds, a reduction of approximately 30%. This improvement in operational efficiency allowed The Chefz to serve more customers effectively, catering to their high transaction volumes and optimizing resource utilization.
  3. The strategic partnership also enabled The Chefz to harness payment data to gain valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. This allowed the team to identify trends and patterns, which were used to tailor personalized offers and services, thereby enhancing customer engagement and loyalty. Additionally, they could identify the most popular bank among their customers, leading to a strategic partnership that offered exclusive discounts and promotions, further driving business growth.

The partnership between The Chefz and has set a new standard in payment processing within the food delivery industry. By prioritizing user experience and operational efficiency, The Chefz has not only overcome previous challenges but has also established a strong foundation for future growth and expansion.

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