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Bringing smoother, faster processing for 'Truly Experiences'

Bringing smoother, faster processing for 'Truly Experiences'

Nov 13, 2019

Truly Experiences is an award-winning online retailer specializing in gifting unique and amazing experiences, and is on a mission to create memories that will last a lifetime. With the belief that experiences bring more happiness than material possessions, they have curated and created some of the most amazing experiences for customers around the world – from a walking tour of London led by a celebrity magician, cooking classes with Michelin-star chefs, to seeing the real Titanic in an underwater submarine, the possibilities are endless.

Living up to their name, creating memorable experiences also means providing the best customer service. So offering a great online experience that includes smooth checkout flows and faster processing speeds for their customers was important when they were considering a new payment service provider.

Their previous payment service provider was expensive, difficult to integrate, and not user-friendly. “We were looking for a payment processor that was easy to use, easy to configure and would lower our overall processing costs,” says Jack Huang, CEO of Truly Experiences. They found that no other payment provider had the smooth checkout flow and ease of implementation of Furthermore, their switch to has saved them over 40% in online card processing fees since their integration.

As a customer-focused service, Truly Experiences gravitated toward a provider that shared their same philosophy. “’s friendly staff and customer-centric approach won us over. They did everything they could to get us up and running as smoothly as possible, and their integration team was super responsive at every step,” says Huang.

Security and fraud monitoring were also key features when considering a new payment provider; and integral to providing the best customer experience. “’s capacity to monitor fraudulent transactions was a stand-out for us. The depth of data and better reporting tools also makes it a lot easier to view the risks for each transaction,” says Huang.

As their business expands, Truly Experiences plans to attract even more customers through the ability to accept more local and alternative payment methods through, and leverage the data provided to continue optimizing operational costs and help inform other decisions within their business.

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