WhiteBIT uses Checkout.com to further its position as one of Europe's largest exchanges

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Esteban Sadurni
August 15, 2022
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WhiteBIT uses Checkout.com to further its position as one of Europe's largest exchanges

Volodymyr Nosov founded WhiteBIT in 2018 with a clear vision of the power of crypto to shape the future of finance. Guided by that vision, the European-headquartered crypto exchange has grown to become one of the largest in Europe, allowing its three million-plus users to buy and sell over 400 crypto assets securely.

As WhiteBIT focuses on its next chapter in its growth, it's brought in Checkout.com as its payments partner to allow customers to cash in and out of their crypto holdings using card payments and alternative payment methods.

I spoke with Volodymyr to learn more about its plans for the months and years ahead and Checkout.com's role in this.

Esteban: WhiteBIT was founded on the belief that crypto will shape the future of finance and make crypto more accessible to more people. Can you expand on those founding principles? How have they shaped WhiteBIT's development?

Volodymyr: Our mission is to popularize crypto and blockchain technologies worldwide. That was the case from day one, and it remains that way today. As you say, our founding team and everyone that works at WhiteBIT fundamentally believes in the power of crypto to shape the future of finance and open up many new opportunities to solve some of the challenges we face as a society.

In service of that mission, we see it as our role to build safe, transparent, and accessible solutions that meet the needs of novice and experienced crypto users alike. In addition to the solutions we build for customers, we also focus on education and ensure that our customers can navigate with crypto space with confidence.

Esteban: There are lots of crypto exchanges out there today. What makes WhiteBIT stand out from the crowd and bring over three million users to your platform?

Volodymyr: There are a few reasons. First, and most critically, it's about security. We have no business if we can't offer a secure and safe platform for our customers to buy and sell crypto. So security is always top of mind, no matter what we do. And we're proud to be ranked among the most secure exchanges in the world based on an independent audit by Hacken.

We're also different because of the focus we put on innovation. It's not enough to be just 'another crypto exchange', so we're continually creating new and unique crypto products.

Esteban: Let's talk about payments. WhiteBIT has brought Checkout.com onboard as its payments partner. Tell us about that decision.

Volodymyr: We only want to work with world-class partners; Checkout.com is a world-class payments partner. We're leveraging its technology to power our fiat-to-crypto on/off ramps, allowing customers to cash in and out of crypto using cards and various APMs.

From day one, we were impressed with Checkout.com's technology, especially its flexibility, which ensures the platform can scale with our business needs. Checkout.com also offered another level of data transparency, giving us more opportunities to improve our payments performance and enrich our fraud and risk tools to keep our customers safe.

The attitude and approach of the Checkout.com team also influenced our decision. The team is incredibly knowledgeable and has vast experience working across Web3. And it's clear they're as committed to building the future of crypto as we are.

Esteban: What's next for WhiteBIT? How will Checkout.com support the business to continue achieving its goals in the short and long term?

Volodymyr: We've already extended our partnership with Checkout.com by taking advantage of its stablecoin settlement solution. With the Checkout.com solution, we can now be settled in euros and USDC, should we require more immediate and around-the-clock settlements. Flexibility is vital for a dynamic and 24/7 business such as WhiteBIT. It will allow us to continue to innovate and improve our offering as well as the experience we provide to our customers.

And this is just the beginning. We see Checkout.com as a long-term partner that will help us drive towards mass crypto adoption by working with us to build solutions that provide our users with the most convenient and secure services. We're incredibly excited to see what we can achieve together.

Learn more about how Checkout.com is powering the world's leading crypto businesses.

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