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Customize your Hosted Payments Page and Payment Links


Your brand. Everywhere. is excited to let you know that our Hosted Payments Pages and Payment Links are now customizable.




What is a Hosted Payments Page?

A Hosted Payments Page is a webpage where you send your customers to finalise their payment. Because we host the webpage, you never touch these secure details, so the responsibility for PCI compliance remains with us.


What are Payment Links? 

Payment Links allow you to accept payments through any channel or device – email, social media, live chat, or text message. All you need to do is send the Payment Link to your customer, and it will take them to a payment page for them to complete their payment.


What’s new? 

You can now personalize your Hosted Payment Pages and Payment Links:

  • Display name – Customize this to reflect your brand or website instead of your trading name
  • Logo – Add your logo to your payment pages to extend your brand visibility
  • Brand color – Your brand color can be used to shade the ‘pay’ button and the background of the payment page
  • branding – Toggle the logo on or off and make the decision on displaying this to your customers

These changes allow your payment pages to be an extension of your identity. By personalizing them, you can increase your customers' confidence with a seamless and secure experience when paying for your products and services.



Once updated, your customers can see these personalizations each time they pay using your Hosted Payments Page, Payment Link or Google Pay. 

To update your pages or find out more, please contact your Customer Success Manager or email