Makes Big Strides in 2019

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Guillaume Pousaz
January 7, 2020
Link to the author's page Makes Big Strides in 2019

2019 was a big year for Though it’s tempting to say that every year, 2019 truly was an exceptional time for our company. We launched a suite of new products and features aimed at optimizing the payment experience, both for our merchants and their customers. We added over 300 enterprise merchants including Glovo, Dashlane, Anghami, Volcom, Fila, Trouva, Joom, Freetrade, and Lydia and we’re now processing billions in e-commerce volume every month. Plus, we hit some major milestones that allowed us to better serve our customers around the globe.

First, the introduction of our unified, single integration API has allowed us to provide our merchants with an intelligent, modern platform designed to help optimize their payments leading to more conversions, growth of their business, and seamless reconciliation of their trading activity. With just a one-time integration, merchants can benefit from all the advanced features of our platform, like adding new payment methods without any further development work, allowing them to future-proof their business and stay consistently up-to-date. It also lays the foundation to easily add and upgrade to all future products and features like payouts, marketplace functionalities, and much more.

Second, the release of our 3DS2 solution meant our merchants were prepared ahead of the PSD2 deadline, preventing costly downtimes and lost sales. The rapid expansion of our APM suite also meant businesses could offer more payment methods (25 payment methods and counting), process more transactions, and reach more customers around the world.

We also further expanded our global footprint this year. was granted a license as an E-Money Institution in France and opened our new Portugal office, allowing us to provide comprehensive payment services to even more European businesses. We also launched our Singapore and Brazil offices, which will serve as hubs for our growing APAC and LATAM operations in the coming years. In addition to our new locations, we made some major upgrades to our Dubai and Mauritius offices.

Let’s take a look back at some key rollouts this year.

New products, more payment methods

But we accomplished a lot of other things too. Among the many pivotal moments, securing our first funding in May confirms our trajectory of rapid growth and industry recognition. We also greatly expanded our customer base by adding more leading global merchants to our portfolio and cementing new industry partnerships.

Company highlights

Bigger things coming in 2020

We have a lot in store for 2020. We plan to expand our North America and APAC operations – growing our teams and expanding our customer base through our San Francisco and Singapore hubs, launching a new Shanghai office, and upgrading our Hong Kong and Berlin offices.

And though we just moved into our current London office last year, we have already outgrown our space and will be moving into our new 70,000+ sq. ft. London HQ in 3 months to support our rapidly growing team, with expectations of doubling our current headcount by the end of 2020. This will mean the ability to roll out more products and provide even more support for our customers.

As for our products, we have a lot of exciting things coming. Our product and engineering teams are indeed working hard for what is shaping up to be another record year as we will be launching more innovative products and features designed for even better, faster, safer, and more extensive payment services for our new and existing merchants.

I’m extremely proud of my team for everything we’ve accomplished in 2019. Their hard work, perseverance, creativity, and steadfast belief in’s mission is the reason we are now one of the world’s leading payment technology companies.

Our mission remains the same: to change the future of banking through technological innovation, a forward-thinking philosophy, and our greatest asset – our people.

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