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Accept Kakao Pay - South Korea’s most downloaded wallet

Grow your business in South Korea with Kakao Pay, a mobile payment service and digital wallet with 36.5 million users. Accept payments with your customers' method of choice.

Cashless payments made safe and easy

Replacing traditional card payments in South Korea, Kakao Pay lets your customers make mobile payments and online transactions. It is also part of KakaoTalk, the popular mobile instant messenger from Kakao.

Expand in South Korea

Accept payments with South Korea's most popular payment method.

Secure transactions

Enjoy high-level security on user data and transactions with Kakao Pay.

Create recurring payments

Generate recurring payments so your customers never miss a bill.

Receive local payments

Alipay+ systems allow you to accept local currencies via cross border payments.

Add Kakao Pay to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with Kakao Pay so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our local experts today.

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Expand your reach and drive better conversion with the payments methods your customers love. Wherever they are.

Payment type

Digital Wallet

Min transaction amount

0.01 Local Currency



Implementation channels

Desktop and mobile

countries *

Hong Kong

Business countries for Kakao Pay

Hong Kong
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Max transaction amount

500 - 1,000 Local Currency

Partial refunds


Processing model

Collecting PSP

Consumer countries

South Korea, Hong Kong

Consumer countries for Kakao Pay

South Korea, Hong Kong
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Processing currency *


Recurring transactions


Settlement currency



* Subject to service agreements, legal entity location and presence, and company compliance approval. ** Settlement currencies vary based on merchant agreement

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