Payment methods

Accept WeChat Pay - One of China's leading digital wallets

With over 900 million users, various ways to take payment, and connected to one of China's super-apps (WeChat), give your customers the payment options they know and trust.

Key benefits

Drive revenue with WeChat Pay!

Scale with WeChat Pay, and accept payments globally via QR code, In-App, Mini Program, and Official Accounts. Adding one of China's most popular payment options is simple.

Expand globally

Gain access to 1.1 billion WeChat active users in and out of Mainland China.

Convert more sales

Allow your global customers to pay in the currency of their choice.

Increase loyalty

Interact with your customers and accept payment all within the WeChat ecosystem.

Transparent costs

Only pay for successful transactions and have settlements in your main currency.

Add WeChat Pay to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with WeChat Pay so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our local experts today.