Payment methods

Accept Giropay – Unlock online payments in Germany

Offer secure, guaranteed real-time bank transfers that your customers know and trust. One of Germany's most popular and widely accepted online payment methods.

Key benefits

Giropay – a favourite way to pay in Germany

With Giropay, your German customers can pay using their existing online banking details to make safe and easy transfers. And you'll receive immediate confirmation of the payment's success.

Better conversion

Excellent local coverage. Connected to nearly 1,500 German Banks.

100% guaranteed

Secure, two-factor authentication means no risk of chargebacks.

Fast and convenient

Real-time bank transfers for immediate confirmation of success.

Familiar and trusted

Bank transfers are a popular online payment method in Germany.

Add Giropay to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with Giropay so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our local experts today.

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