Payment methods

Accept Discover – A major US card scheme

Unlock the US market by accepting Discover. A popular payment method among American consumers with over 50 million cardholders, offered by 99% of credit-card accepting merchants nationwide.

Key benefits

Drive conversion with Discover

Discover is part of the Discover Global Network, including Diners Club International, and is the fastest growing global payments network with over 270 million global cardholders.

Global opportunity

The Discover Global Network is the fastest growing global payments network.

Loyal customer base

Rewards programmes make Discover a top choice of card in its customers' wallets.

Drive revenue

Cardholders spent over $415B on Discover Global Network in 2020.

Protect conversion

Missing payment methods leads to cart abandonment by 24% of U.S. consumers.

Add Discover to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with Discover so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our experts today.