Payment methods

Accept Alipay - One of Asia's leading digital wallets

Be one of 80 million merchants accepting payments via Alipay today and expand in and out of Mainland China and Hong Kong. Give your customers their payment method of choice.

Key benefits

Drive revenue with Alipay Hong Kong and China

Securely and effectively accept payment across 110 countries with Alipay's diversified payment solution. Alipay allows its 1.3 billion users to make online, in-app, and in-store payments, plus fund transfers.

Secure transactions

World-class payment security with user-authenticated payments.

Increase sales

Unlock growth in China and Hong Kong with shoppers preferred payment method.

Capture global customers

Engage your customers with Alipay's mobile-first payment and marketing tools.

Effortless checkout flow

Fight cart abandonment with a frictionless customer experience.

Add Alipay to your payments flow

Let's get you up and running with Alipay so you can get more value from every transaction. Reach out to our local experts today.