Guillaume Pousaz

Founder and CEO

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Guillaume Pousaz

Fueled by the desire to enable businesses to create better payments experiences for their communities, Guillaume founded in 2012. Over the last decade, the company has delivered high-performance payments solutions to thousands of large enterprise merchants, and has grown to more than 1600 people in 19 countries—although he still describes it as being in ‘chapter zero’.

Growing up in Switzerland, Guillaume was fascinated by street art (seen in our offices), technology and numbers—and started programming at the age of eight. This mix of creativity and logic laid the foundation for his future career and ultimately for building the preferred payments partner for digital businesses around the world. In 2021, employee reviews put Guillaume on Glassdoor's list of top UK CEOs.

Guillaume studied at Ecole Polytechnique and HEC Lausanne. As a philanthropist, his current focus is on improving access and outcomes in education. He is also a keen startup investor and a mentor for the Endeavor network. When not traveling to one of’s offices, he lives in Dubai with his wife and three children.

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