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PayAngel brings payment solutions to the African diaspora

PayAngel brings payment solutions to the African diaspora

Jun 15, 2022

PayAngel provides international money transfers from Canada, Europe and the UK to destination countries in Africa. Its mission is to make it easy for the African diaspora to pay for goods and services in their home countries.

After experiencing significant growth in its user base, PayAngel’s payments requirements became more complex. It needed to offer more payment methods and improve approval rates to provide the best possible experience to its customers and ensure continued growth. stood out as the best payments partner to fulfill these needs.

Expanding PayAngel’s global presence

PayAngel operates in multiple regions, and its coverage is increasing all the time. As such, it was looking for a payments partner with truly global coverage that would allow it to scale efficiently.

"A key consideration was finding a partner that would allow us to settle in like for like currencies," says Jones Amegbor, Founder and CEO of the Payinc Group, owner of the PayAngel brand. "'s ability to do this in all our main operating currencies has a big impact on our cost base, as it allows us to avoid paying FX fees, which can be anywhere between 2% and 4%."

Coverage is important, but PayAngel also needed a partner with deep expertise to help it land and expand in new markets. The US, in particular, is where PayAngel has set its sights. When it comes to expansion in the US and beyond, has already presented viable options and supporting business structures to simplify the route to market.

“’s coverage will help ensure our expansion is as smooth as possible without the need for new integrations and, importantly, will avoid extra charges related to cross-border processing,” says Amegbor.

Removing payments complexity

Growing a business isn't straightforward, not least when it comes to payments. Call it growing pains, but frequently scaling a business across more countries and currencies on the front-end means multiplying complexity and cost on the back-end. Even though it shouldn’t.

PayAngel has avoided these growing pains with Integrated via an API, it frees up resources from matching multiple payments across multiple accounts, countries, currencies and so on. Plus, it gives PayAngel a greater understanding of how funds flow through their business. was able to deploy alternative payment methods, currencies and more granular datasets to boost acceptance rates for PayAngel. Its flexible technology made this possible out of the box, ensuring that the whole process for PayAngel was not only quicker but less painful. When asked how the experience of international expansion has been since partnering with, Amegbor replies simply: effortless!

“The integration process was as smooth as can be.’s documentation is excellent, and the support structures and people were too.”

Boosting acceptance rates and keeping chargebacks low

PayAngel now benefits from a detailed view of every financial transaction. It can now ask questions like what customers register their cards during the checkout? Do they use Apple Pay or Google Pay? How does PayAngel optimize for this? They can use this information to offer their customers a more seamless payment experience.

Too often, more transactions equal more fraud. Businesses feel they must trade one off against the other — revenue against fraud or customer convenience against security. rejects this either/or thinking and has helped helped PayAngel boost acceptance rates while improving risk capabilities.

“Whereas transaction volumes have increased 100% year-on-year, we’ve had no chargebacks or high-risk warnings since we joined,” says Jones. “This has been achieved due to’s ability to configure risk rules and offer support that allows us to understand the risk and mitigate it.”

When it comes to compliance and security,’s technology responds to changing regulations, risks, and fraud in real-time. This ensures that PayAngel’s offering will always be future-proofed.

Working together in the spirit of true partnership

With this data and the support from the team, PayAngel has the insights to resolve issues and proactively spot opportunities to boost business. It's the difference between merely accepting payments and optimizing them.

What delivers goes beyond payments. " is a trusted business partner, helping PayAngel become a truly global business," says Amegbor. “The relationship is personal. Our main contact at genuinely cares about what we do and our plans for growth and expansion. is always ready to listen to us, and they are flexible enough to accommodate our requests.”

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