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ACE Moves Money Faster and Safer with

ACE Moves Money Faster and Safer with

Apr 7, 2020

ACE Money Transfer provides remittance services from 23 sending countries to over 100 receiving countries. Over one million customers rely on the efficiency, security and speed of its platform to send funds to friends and family worldwide.

The business began working with in the first half of 2018 to deliver on its objectives and provide the best possible experience to its UK and European customers. Since processing with, ACE has seen faster settlements and higher approval rates. But, most notably, ACE has experienced much smoother processing.

“’s end-to-end payments platform has brought smoothness to our payments processing,” says Rashid Ashraf, CEO Aftab. “And its Reconciliation API has made our reconciliation processes straightforward.”

In recent years, ACE has explored opportunities for expansion outside of Europe. With the support of, ACE has realized its aim by offering its services to customers in Australia in 2021. And ACE will benefit from the optimal payments performance delivered by’s end-to-end payments solution and domestic acquiring license.

“We’re extremely satisfied with our approval rates and the level of stability and smoothness provided by in Europe,” says Ashraf. “It was an easy decision to work with them to support our expansion into Australia.”

Managing fraud and risk is another key priority for ACE. With, ACE can take more control over its payment flows to mitigate fraud and keep its customers safe.  

“ offers a range of tools to help us mitigate the risk of fraud,” concludes Ashraf. “While its team also provides us with advanced insights that help inform and improve our risk strategies. Stepping into the Australian market with this sort of backing gave us a huge edge.”

With, ACE knows it has a payments partner that’ll deliver the performance and support needed to grow its business anywhere in the world. “We want to reach more customers around the world and’s consolidated gateway and acquiring solutions, plus its suite of alternative payment methods, are a big part of what will get us there,” concludes Ashraf.

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