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Mesh Payments taps to help it disrupt corporate spend management

Mesh Payments taps to help it disrupt corporate spend management

Oct 28, 2022

Mesh Payments provides a complete corporate payment and spend management platform for companies. Founded in 2018 in Israel and headquartered in New York, Mesh counts some of the world's fastest-growing brands, including, Hippo Insurance, Sezzle, Riskified and Snyk as its customers.

As Mesh enters the next stage of growth by deepening its presence in the US and expanding into new markets, it has brought onboard to leverage its modular global payments platform.

Zack Levine, VP, Sales at caught up with Oded Zehavi, Mesh Payments CEO and Co-Founder, and a payments industry veteran who held leadership roles with PayPal and Payoneer, to learn more about his plans for the future and the partnership with

Zack: Tell us a little about Mesh and its mission.

Oded: I founded Mesh four years ago with the clear mission to build an automated platform for finance teams.

We’re addressing age-old questions within corporate spend management, such as how do you get an overview of spend across a growing business with hundreds of employees and expenses in the millions? How do you identify bigger ticket investments, know what’s happening behind transactions, and plot spending trends?

To do this, Mesh provides a full solution tailored to individual payment types, SaaS payment management, travel payment management and more. We service hundreds of mid-market clients worldwide and grew tenfold in the nine months leading to December 2021.

Zack: Mesh has recently brought onboard as its payments partner. What was Mesh looking for in a payments partner? And why did it choose

Oded: We identified a need to accept credit cards as a funding source for the Mesh platform. So we set about finding a payment solution to allow us to do that.

As a fast-growing business, top of mind was finding a partner whose technology could scale seamlessly with our growth without requiring us to take on any additional technical complexity.

In that sense, is the perfect partner. Its solution meets our needs today, allowing us to accept card payments. But it's also enterprise standard and ready to meet our needs tomorrow as and when our payment volumes increase or we look to enable our customers to fund their accounts using new payment methods.

Although it was's technological prowess that led us to contact the team, the team's approach to our business ultimately won us over. It was clear from our first conversation that understood our company's vision. It was also clear that if we brought on as a partner, it would dedicate the resources required to help us achieve our goals.

Zack: How does stack up compared to the companies you’ve worked with in the payments space?

Oded: is one of the strongest pay-in providers in the US. And it's clear the company is focused on continuously enhancing its proposition with pay-out capabilities, crypto solutions and the ability to serve more complex needs, such as those of marketplaces.

But as mentioned already, the power of lies in its people as much as its technology. That’s what stands out about compared to its peers. It works with us on the details from the technology side to risk management and compliance. We feel that we have a real partner that can grow with us as we scale.

Zack: What’s next for Mesh, and how are you planning to utilize the relationship with

Oded: We recently closed a $50 million Series B funding round and are growing rapidly as more and more businesses realize the value of what we provide.

We’re aiming to expand the functionality of our platform. That means continuing to innovate solutions that streamline the entire payments process, making operations even smoother and faster for finance managers.

We’re also looking to grow into new territories, where is the ideal partner for adding local and alternative payment methods. Small businesses have various ways of paying, ranging from cards and ACH in the US to local payment methods across Europe, APAC and the Middle East.

Through a single integration, offers us easy access to dozens of these payment rails, giving us a more competitive, customer-friendly proposition. It also seems to add new local or alternative payment options every few weeks. is a company that works for us now and into the future.

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