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For 'Reward Gateway,' Better Payments Mean Better Products

For 'Reward Gateway,' Better Payments Mean Better Products

Nov 13, 2019

Recently ranked 33rd in UK’s Best Workplaces 2019, Reward Gateway is on a mission to help other companies make the ranks through the use of their employee engagement platform – which integrates all employee benefits including perks, discounts, internal communications, and recognition programs –  empowering businesses to attract, engage and retain talent, and make the world a better place to work.

As with any high-growth business, they faced some financial challenges when it came to their payments. Using two services – a separate gateway and acquirer – meant they were overspending on payment processing. Juggling two services also led to conflict over who was responsible for which part of the payment process and the customer journey. “Working with a gateway and acquirer separately meant any progress required two sets of teams, two sets of account managers, two sets of client services which, in a high-paced growth environment, just wasn’t sustainable,” said Richard Tenwick, Global Business Insights Manager at Reward Gateway.

Tasked to explore the payments market, Reward Gateway connected with “With, they've linked the gateway and acquirer together. We had a one-stop shop since they owned the process end-to-end,” said Will Tracz, Chief Technical Architect at Reward Gateway.  "Coming from a world where we had a very esoteric API to a world where we had nice, clean SDKs with was transformational to us and allowed us to integrate the solution really quickly,” added Tracz.

Accepting payments from three major regions in the world – the UK, U.S., and Australia – Reward Gateway is able to leverage’s consolidated platform and transparent interface which allows them to see everything that’s going on across all their geographies via a single dashboard, while also giving them granular visibility on each transaction. “We have a better understanding of what our members are doing and their behavioral types through improved data availability, and that’s been hugely important to us,” says Tenwick.

Using’s unified platform, Reward Gateway has also been able to save on costs allowing them to reallocate those funds toward improving their products while also passing those savings onto their clients.  "Since making the switch, we've seen a better end-user experience, encountered lower authorization errors, seen better response times – all that combined has led to a better customer journey and reduced support calls coming into our organization,” says Tracz.

With over 1,800 clients, Reward Gateway is planning to expand globally with playing a key role in accessing more payment methods and tackling compliance challenges in new geographies. “’s flexibility and adaptability are really important to us. We know where we want to go but in a high-growth environment, things change. But knowing that will be there to support us – from a customer service perspective and a product perspective – is really reassuring,” says Tenwick.

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