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fitnessdigital enhances global expansion by offering new personalised payment experiences

fitnessdigital enhances global expansion by offering new personalised payment experiences

Mar 29, 2023

One of Europe's leading e-commerce and fitness industry leaders is committed to growth in several international markets by joining forces with's innovative technology and unified payment platform. This collaboration allows fitnessdigital to offer its customers their preferred and most popular payment methods in the market through a single integration, and thus obtain more value in each transaction.

In 2007 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country, one of the pioneers of online fitness commerce in Spain was born, to later expand to 19 other countries in Europe, bringing hundreds of good quality products to its customers. fitnessdigital is an example of both specialisation and international growth. The key to its success is precisely its commitment to spreading its passion for fitness around the world in a totally different way.

Thanks to this vision, fitnessdigital now has more than 900,000 satisfied customers and more than 5,000 products available on its website. However, in order to continue to grow, the fitnessdigital team felt the need to switch from their old payment provider to a new payment provider that would offer them access to the most widely used payment methods locally and globally, along with the best user experiences to not only satisfy their existing customers but also acquire new customers in markets known for their high competition. This would help them optimise their payment infrastructure, achieve greater cost transparency, and be able to maintain the highest level of return per sale.

A strategy that maximises the customer lifecycle

Thanks to's recognised expertise in digital payments across the region, it was easy to identify consumer behaviour in the different markets where fitnessdigital is present. And with all this knowledge, the wealth of data, and insights provided by's global payments platform, they were able to design a customised strategy to meet the needs of the online fitness market leader.

The team knew that to drive fitnessdigital's growth they required a flexible and granular payment platform, with a wide range of alternative and local payment methods to suit the needs and preferences of their customers, leading to frictionless payments. In addition, they needed maximum simplicity: a single integration and a single contract to eliminate complexities and facilitate the conditions for international expansion. This is a strategy that provides the ability to improve the payment experience, ensures increased conversion (sales), and maximises customer lifetime value.

After a few calls, all the conditions were in place and the team was up and running.

Modular infrastructure for innovation-driven customers's modular and flexible end-to-end payments platform enables e-commerce merchants to seamlessly incorporate new local payment methods, with over 150 processing currencies and more than 20 settlement currencies, optimising the customer payment experience.

“According to the global retail study published by at the end of 2022, if local payment methods preferred by customers and in their currency are not offered, 56% of carts are abandoned before checkout, which can impact conversion rates and lead to lost sales.” Says Javier Moreno Molinero, Commercial VP for Southern Europe at

fitnessdigital's philosophy of constant improvement and's commitment to innovation in digital payments reflect its commitment to consumers to deliver the best payment experiences and frictionless checkout.

“We chose for its offering of alternative and local payment methods, offering our customers a better experience and all through a simple API,” says the team at fitnessdigital.

The team knew that fitnessdigital needed a payment partner that could answer all of its operational queries in real-time, was committed to the launch and offered quick solutions to any frictions.  “Access to the data and expertise of's professionals optimises payment performance”. We are pleased with's customer service, their quick response and 24/7 support in English was a key factor in our decision,” continues fitnessdigital.

Optimisation to reach a better payment performance

“One of the factors that made us confirm that we were with the right payment partner was that managed to successfully enable the new payment platform a few days before the agreed deadline”. So says the fitnessdigital team. “In addition, the technical support responded quickly and efficiently to all the questions we had and to some issues we were unclear about”.

The team also helped us to create a seamless integration experience with as little friction as possible.  As fitnessdigital explains, “the integration of different payment methods is a big challenge not only on the transactional side, but also on the reconciliation side, which is a vital component for us”. The team offered us different solutions so that payments for all orders would be correctly reflected in our backoffice systems, regardless of the payment method used by the consumer and the country where the consumer is located.

It was also very easy and straightforward to start receiving detailed and granular information on each payment and to integrate this information into our systems, explains fitnessdigital, “Once we had access to all the details of each payment, it was very easy to understand, for example, why some of the payments are not completed satisfactorily. The team made some recommendations that helped us to optimise payments and increase sales”.

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