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Merchant success stories
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Jul 26, 2022, the world's fastest-growing crypto platform, became a household name this past year and grew its global user base 10x, reaching 50 million users. The platform provides one of the most robust Web3 digital commerce ecosystems, integrating payments, trading, and financial services in over 90 countries.

"Meeting customer needs worldwide and advancing our vision of putting cryptocurrency in every wallet requires us to work with the best partners," says Lee-Ling Chow, Director of Payment Partnerships, " is one of those partners.

"Its payment rails give us one of the industry's highest payment acceptance rates, allowing our customers to use cards, digital wallets or bank transfers to seamlessly purchase digital assets on the platform. And those same payment rails facilitate fiat 'off-ramping', when our customers wish to cash out of crypto."

Scaling with reliable payments tailored for a borderless and always-on digital economy

As a company at the forefront of its industry, is committed to growing its offering and delivering its services to more consumers in more markets. enables to do that.

"'s modern technology stack is user-friendly and flexible, allowing us to run tests and launch new products in the market efficiently and at scale," says Chow. "It also provides global coverage with over 150 processing currencies, matching's global footprint and ambition."

Delivering continuous improvements

A notable benefit of's people-led partnership approach is its depth of local market knowledge. "'s on-the-ground teams understand the behaviors and considerations unique to each market," Chow adds. "Its local knowledge complements our team and aids our efforts to maximize transaction approval rates and minimize declines."

The streamlined and centralized support provided by across the globe is extremely responsive, helping calibrate as needed. "The team is adept at having deeply technical discussions," says Chow. "But, at the same time, they have an acute commercial mindset. They understand our business, proactively identify opportunities, and support us when we act on these opportunities."

This was the case with network tokens, which now uses to achieve higher authorization rates, reduce fraud and improve its customer experience. Another example is's intelligent routing protocols, which navigates a payment through the complexities of multiple banking networks, giving it a greater chance of success.

Removing the barriers to crypto adoption

"We believe that creating seamless experiences for our customers is essential in building trust and facilitating further crypto adoption and everyday utility,"  says Chow. "'s global scale, local acquiring capabilities, and reliability mean that payments are an enabler of beliefs and will further our mission."

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