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> is partnering with Anywheel to revolutionize urban mobility is partnering with Anywheel to revolutionize urban mobility

Jul 5, 2023

Anywheel, a Singapore-based micro-mobility service provider, is revolutionizing urban mobility with its easy-to-use bicycle sharing scheme. Launched in 2017, Anywheel is encouraging individuals to embrace a more sustainable mode of transport for short trips around the city.

The company is at a pivotal point in its growth. Three years after launching, Anywheel has secured approval from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to double the size of its fleet from 15,000 to 30,000 shared bicycles[1], making it the largest shared bicycle operator in Singapore.

To use Anywheel’s service, users have to download the app, and buy credits, with which they can unlock an available bike nearby. It’s crucial that the user journey is quick and smooth, enabling individuals to hop on and off bikes easily, without any delay to their trip.

To enhance the experience for its expanding user base, Anywheel has chosen as one of its payment partners. As individuals seek seamless and efficient travel experiences, they also expect a smooth and intuitive payment process. This is where stands out, with its rapid transaction processing and exceptional acquisition and acceptance rate, which is 90% in Singapore. Optimizing the payment system by making it easy for customers to pay and book their bikes on the go is powering Anywheel’s business growth.

Not only does pride itself on its high payment approval rates –  the company has built a robust technological infrastructure, which minimizes risk and reduces downtime. It has designed an open and intuitive dashboard for customers, ensuring data is transparent and easily accessible. Anywheel appreciates’s risk management solutions, citing an extremely low occurrence of transaction disputes.

Besides the superior product offering, Anywheel also values the flexible rates and exceptional customer service from The integrated team – from the customer success manager through to the sales engineers –  worked closely with Anywheel during the onboarding process to ensure the smooth delivery of a frictionless payment flow.

“Right from the start, demonstrated a meticulous approach in helping Anywheel’s team transition to its payment platform. They were responsive and knowledgeable about the product. They provided comprehensive API documentation and a user-friendly dashboard on the platform, streamlining the onboarding process. It was clear to me that is genuinely committed to achieving the best outcome for us by going above and beyond,” said Rui Jie Seet, General Manager of Anywheel.

As a micro-mobility company, Anywheel experiences high volume yet low-value transactions. In the past, Anywheel had to pay a high acquiring rate solely based on the sheer number of transactions. “ understands Anywheel’s business model, and has therefore come up with a competitive rate that works for us,” said Rui.  

Anywheel has ambitious growth plans, with overseas expansion on the radar. The seamless integration of enables them to add new payment methods in different currencies, which adds further convenience for users. Htay Aung, Anywheel’s CEO once lived in Australia and it was seeing bicycles zoom past traffic in the middle of a Sydney traffic jam that inspired him to launch the company. It is Htay’s backstory that fuels Anywheel’s determination to revolutionize urban mobility through bicycle sharing – today Singapore, tomorrow Australia!





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